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  1. No amount of explaining will fix that. The last scene is just too unrealistic to fit with everything else. It's like something out of Doom. Unless it's literally a sci-fi movie set. There is too much "industrial" flavor in the architecture of the room, which compensates for the lack of anything that you'd actually find in an industrial setting. Perhaps if you filled with with manufacturing robots and machinery, it would look less fake. I give this an overall 2/10. It's unsalvagable. Better start from scratch.
  2. I've never sought out professional help towards mental health (in part because I don't trust doctors), but ever since I got really depressed at the start of COVID, I've been paying more attention to the things in my daily life that make me feel better. I've made drastic changes to my diet (after a lot of experimentation). I no longer eat ~80% of the things I used to eat back in high school. Cutting out all the junk food has helped with my ADHD symptoms and eating high fat meals tends to give me a lot of energy without taking away my ability to stay still and concentrate (sponsored by Keto™). Talking to people helps reduce my anxiety even if it's venting to strangers on the internet. I recently watched the second Joe Rogan podcast with Chuck Palahniuk where they ponder over why young people have a tendency to take do crazy things and Chuck gives this analogy of knocking down the idle. The premise is that there are certain things you can do (like exhaustive exercise) to put your mind in a state of tranquility so that you can have a long session of mapping or whatever. Also, don't feel pressured to finish all those maps you've started. Perhaps you don't have anything new to learn anymore in source mapping, perhaps you've found something more interesting to pursue, or perhaps your brain chemical balance just isn't right at the moment for some reason and you gotta go and fix that. The earlier you learn how to take care of your body and your mind, the better. When you get a hold of your mental health, you will feel more productive, everyday things will feel easier to do, and you'll be free from all those self-deprecating thoughts that creep into your mind when you're trying to justify your depression. And like someone else said, psychopharmaceuticals should be your last resort.
  3. Use CompilePal if you don't want your computer to freeze during compilation. If the editor is slow, reduce the viewport render distance of models from settings. Don't keep the viewports fully zoomed-out unless you are using them in such way that it's necessary to do so.
  4. I always find it very cocky when some big company takes a commonly used word and uses it in their branding. I search the word "fortnight" and Google be like, did you mean fortnite?
  5. I had a similar experience with books. I used to read a lot of books back in the day, until I discovered the internet. Since then I stopped reading books. Life is so much better now. I'm glad I ended my addiction. Some addictions are good. Depends on what you get out of it. I personally find Instagram to be much more pleasant and less toxic than Facebook. They attract different kinds of people. Most of my friends have moved away from Facebook a long time ago. There are things a platform can do to incentivise quality content. Instagram does that pretty well.
  6. The road might have been built after the shooting range. That would explain the coincidental placement. Otherwise, why would you build a shooting range over a road. That's a weird flex.
  7. I really like Carmack's take on this. Nothing can be done to stop Mark Zuckerberg from pursuing his ambition. What matters is that all this engineering labour goes towards something with real value, rather than being just an instrument for him to grow his empire. Just think of the enormous brain drain that the propaganda industry is responsible for.
  8. People have already mods for these games that make them look great. From the trailer footage it seems to me that GTA 3 might be the most substantially updated, but it may be just because of the weather effects they showed. Also I doubt it's running on UE. Why would they do that? Wouldn't it be much easier to use their own in-house engine? Unless they are planning to use UE5 for their next game, which is probably not coming anytime soon if they're dropping this now.
  9. Seems like it's gonna be more open-world than the previous games.
  10. Definition of escapism (source: Aristotle): Escapism is mental diversion from unpleasant or boring aspects of daily life, typically through activities involving imagination or entertainment. CS:GO is set in the real world. If you have any hopes of getting in an operation, stick to the style of the game. Otherwise, keep building your wonderland, but understand that people will look at it with different eyes. Also, it's very hypocritical to say that your maps aren't inspired by the real world. You have trees, boats, and buildings made for people. Yes, they do become more original when you slap your own idiosyncratic style on them, but make sure you're not trading off originality for realism. At the end of the day, it's a matter of personal preference. I myself find it distasteful, when an artist tries to reinvent reality and justify it with it being more imaginative. Everything that takes some effort in the way of mentally manipulating images to build a cohesive scene out of separate elements from your visual memory is imaginative. But visual harmony, shape-wise and color-wise, on its own isn't enough to create a pleasant digital space. There's a lot of art that isn't inspired by anything in the real world. Unrelated to anything - just visual diarrhea. It's shallow. Take some inspiration from architecture. Get a taste of just how much effort people put into building that comply with the laws of physics - buildings made with real materials and real purpose. It won't make your buildings less imaginative, but rather the opposite, because you'll feel more comfortable breaking the rules. Study rocks and foliage from nature and you'll be able to build virtual landscapes that look just as believable. The way natural landscapes are shaped is driven by the laws of fundamental particle interactions. Everything from the atom, to planetary objects, follows the same set of rules. You can't invent that. Humans are stupid, we can't do better than nature. Look at brutalist architecture - they practically just gave up. You cannot reject reality and then expect that people living in the real world will appreciate what you make. Why do people copy nature? Because nature is the best artist. It's only so many human brains that a piece of art can be filtered through before it becomes meaningless noise. The only utility of originality is in the pursuit of finding something better than what everyone else is doing. You won't find that if you reject any inspiration. Signature: PhD. Human Doctor
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