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  1. Last weekend I decided to try something different... I used one of the refract textures from TopHattWattle's watersource texture pack to make some nifty looking "juice tubes" for my new map layout. I had sketched out a rough draft of the layout on paper and wanted to see how it would play. I've been surprised by the response, this has had more subscribers on the workshop than I expected! I guess maybe everybody like some juice! My goal with this map is just a fun layout with some raised areas to fight from with some visual gimmicks. This is very heavily influenced by my memories of Golden
  2. I reckon this is the prettiest greybox map I've laid eyes on at least judging from the screenshots. Can't wait to see how far you take this when you get into the art and detailing
  3. Hello! I just published an update on my first real map for CSGO: cs_Lakehouse. It's a hostage rescue map set in a house by a peaceful lake, but with a tunnel going from the daylight basement of the home to the garage to allow for a secondary approach. This map is inspired by cs_Militia and my home. Still working on implementing more high res textures for the house + exteriors and changes to make the transitions of the skybox from the tree cards to skybox geometry/props better. I think this summer I will take a new batch of panoramic photos and re-do the tree card textures that r
  4. Greeb

    Dungeon Props

    Very cool lookin' props, kinda reminds me of some of the scenery in diablo 3 act 1
  5. Hello everybody! So this is my first time posting a thread here on Mapcore, hopefully this follows the right kind of template/outline for sharing my work in progress map for CS:GO I am working on a defusal map for CS:GO that I've titled de_Cloister. I always loved that word since I learned it playing Diablo 2. After seeing some cathedrals and other inspiring architecture during my youth, I wanted to try and weave some of that imagery into a CSGO map all these years later. Here is my steam workshop link for this map: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=24040994
  6. This looks amazing!!! I am working on a map inspired by the idea of a cathedral with adjacent cloisters and a pipe organ bombsite... Seeing what you have accomplished here has given me a reality check in terms of seeing how beautiful something can be. I got a long ways to go!!!
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