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  1. I have decided to remove the map for now. It appears some of my design decisions made the map unenjoyable for a number of people, and judging by the low playthroughs/downloads ratio this number was not marginal. The map was originally intended to be a "serious/quality" slaughter map with difficulty level slightly ramped up from the vanilla game. It appears there isn't demand for this type of gameplay, and since I toiled away for way too long to throw away all the things that received positive feedback I will rework the combat and some areas according to the feedback. Cerberon Station resu
  2. Very atmospheric and cool looking map. Some of the enemy spawns in the early outdoor area were so delayed or oddly placed that its really easy to accidentally miss enemies even if you're trying to kill everything. I double checked the area and always seemed to find the odd crawler or zombie pop up somewhere. Killed all 3 bosses, out of which one seemed to be optional, and still didn't get 100% kills so I assume the rest are hiding in a secret.
  3. Much to my surprise and disappointment the map description could fit in its entirety when looking at the map from "My uploaded maps", but when browsing for maps half of the text gets cut off. The full background fluff was: "...after the monolith's emergence the situation deteriorated quickly. Eventually they tried to dispose of it, multiple times, but somehow it always reassembled or re-emerged." -Anonymous log entry, Site 02 Also, here are some more screenshots:
  4. Very atmospheric and refreshingly different from the dominant base/tech theme. The custom colored flames, red winds of tempest canyon and song choice to fit the mood of the map were all nice touches. The map probably feels lengthier than it really is because it is so easy to get lost in some areas that are a bit maze-like with samey low-poly architecture and lack of recognizable land marks. Having so few textures to work with if youre not doing a techbase themed map probably didnt help. The massive end battle also seems to heavily reward the player for camping at the entrance which makes it a
  5. One of the more creative (and overkill ) secret areas I've come across. Great map!
  6. My favorite so far. Big, beautiful and well thought out battles and difficulty progression. 5/5!
  7. Hello again. My first map, "Cerberon Station" is published. map ID m-1a9pBny1MG Enjoy!
  8. Hello fellow mappers. My entry to mapping challenge 3, "Cerberon Station", will be published in a couple of days. No fancy gameplay gimmicks, just obscene amounts of slaughter, key hunting and button pressing in a map that should take around 30min to finish for those that wish to explore the whole map. Those who want to rush to the end can skip some areas to save some minutes. Tried to balance the map to be 1-2 levels of difficulty above the base game. Tried to also give the minigun more time in the spotlight than the base game does, so minigun lovers should be entertained. Nothing m
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