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  1. thank you to you for having the courage to finish this level. I will rework it to fix bug and make it a more ... pleasant experience.i feel pretty bad of what happen ... sorry again.
  2. Ok, the level is over, I did my best to get everything working. This is the first time that I have embarked on such a project, it is very captivating. The level is a bit big, I discovered far too late that it was preferable not to exceed 15,000 faces, no time to backtrack, so we'll see. ( 45 000 faces ) The level is available to be tried out, I will post it tomorrow. MAP ID : m-jsU9IeJye2
  3. This is my 1st map for prodeus contest. The concept is that you are in a base in which you can navigate between three zones in the order you want, the level is divided into a central zone which connects the other 3. The level is large, and a bit heavy. I designed it to be pretty tough and brutal. With a lot of small secret area. I still have to optimize everything before releasing it in few day. Here are some screenshot from the editor
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