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  1. Hi, I am Akshay (Anarchy). New CSGO mapper but its not the first time I am making mods for games. I used to make simple mods for GTA4, before that there was an old fps game (its dead) that had a map editor, Far cry had map editor so messed around it that, I tried Hammer editor before but GTA had taken most of my time and I didn't finish any map in Hammer. Recently finished my first CSGO map which is a rookie level for the standard, but a good learning session I guess. You can check it out here I am a indie game dev making my first game, a graphic designer and was making 2D assets for mobile games and websites of Green Gold Animation/Tigris. Oh and also very well experienced with 3D model topology and modelling tools in Blender3D...texturing: not so much.
  2. My first map created for CSGO. Its small for 1v1 and my goal was to learn. I have published it on the workshop. If you find any mistake let me know and be a harsh judge because I dont want any mistakes for my next maps. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2334095275
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