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  1. The Team Myself: Team leader, marketing, kickstarter manager, playtester finder, paying for the sound and music. Our artist: Art direction and art work Your Job *Working with Unreal Engine 4, either blueprints or coding *You will be responsible for creating the code/blue prints for the mechanics *Taking 2D images, converting them into sprites, and making it so the sprites flow into each other well *Working with the rest of the team to design mechanics, game play, enemy behaviour, combat systems etc *Making the actual levels, and modifying the levels in response to the feedback *Help contribute to the overall creative vision Special Qualifications Must have some experience in at least one of these games Panzer Dragoon series, Sin and Punishment series, After Burner, Space Harrier, Star Fox series, Kid Icarus Uprising, or similar games Down to business You will receive 30% revenue share. Our goal is to be done with the game in 6 months. If this sounds fun fill out the forum below. To increase your chances take your time (even several days!) to think over the questions. I'm not going to make a choice until the 23rd of December. You can change your answers too. https://forms.gle/zMqmEnTnotpSzmFN8
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