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    Bruunk reacted to SirSnail in [Looking for feedback!] De_Exovale   
    I agree, the map is an absolute unit, stairs are chunky bois too. I really like the theme of a dark gray bunker with vines everywhere, I'd suggest adding color with decals and lights, like the painted lines and alarm lights and the like. Looking at the overview the pathways look really interesting however making things simpler and easier to move around in for maybe 2-3 players makes things feel nicer. Good luck!
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    Bruunk got a reaction from Karthoum in [Looking for feedback!] De_Exovale   
    Same as my other map, I made this a while ago (about a year and a half) and I never really did anything with it. I'm very curious about how people will like it and what not. It's my third csgo map I've ever made and I'm really looking forward to hearing some feedback, positive or negative!
    One thing I am aware of is that there quite a few blank areas and the visleafs are unoptimised, so feel free to skip those ones.

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    Bruunk got a reaction from KennedyB in [Looking for feedback!] De_Exovale   
    @KennedyB Thank you very much for taking the time to analyze the map! I really do appreciate the feedback, and I agree with basically everything you said. I think in the future I will aim for making smaller maps as they often end up larger than I expected.
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