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  1. Same as my other map, I made this a while ago (about a year and a half) and I never really did anything with it. I'm very curious about how people will like it and what not. It's my third csgo map I've ever made and I'm really looking forward to hearing some feedback, positive or negative! :D

    One thing I am aware of is that there quite a few blank areas and the visleafs are unoptimised, so feel free to skip those ones.



    Main Pic Exovale.jpg

  2. I made this map a long time ago and never really did anything with it. It has like 12 views on the steam page so i'm just hoping to get some feedback on it. I spent a lot of time making it and would love to hear back some thoughts/feedback! :)

    I'm trying to become better at level design so I'll take any feedback no matter how negative/positive without taking any offense, so dont be afraid to be honest. 😛




    de_greendome overview OVERVIEW.jpg

    Main Pic Greendome v2.jpg


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