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  1. Made this map is a test on detail work, it's very dystopian themed
  2. Pawlu

    Armstrong [Wingman]

    Finally got to actually blocking out the map, I've also made an early playable version; https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2379011416 T Spawn Doorway into the fort Moat Museum Courtyard Bombsite
  3. Pawlu

    Armstrong [Wingman]

    One idea I have would be to allow Ts to lob grenades into the windows of muesum and also let them throw nades into the court yard of the fort. As for Tunnels I am thinking of adding a passage which takes you up to the Courtyard in front of CT Spawn
  4. Pawlu

    Armstrong [Wingman]

    Whilst I didn't get to shoot one I did however hold one not only that but I also got to see two tanks, A Matilda and a Stuart tank. They were used by the Australian Armoured Divison, the bear the insignia of a crocodile and a palm tree. I've edited the map I have attached by changing the white with a very light grey to represent pathways, The Dark grey is meant to represent doorways that are underground or areas you can acces but they are covered up like the bridge. The box at tunnels Is meant to be a hole where Ts drop down to reach the pump room. Green is meant to be
  5. Pawlu

    Armstrong [Wingman]

    Hello everyone! I'm starting on a small project called Armstrong after I visited Fort Rinella a few days ago. The names itself comes from the name of the 100 ton gun, the Armstrong 100 Ton Gun which is also the main target separatists are trying to blow up. I would say 90-95% of the map is based off of the actual fort itself.
  6. Are you still working on this map?
  7. Since I haven't seen a thread made about this top I'd thought I would This thread is made for yo to show of Custom CT and T models from your maps! Some examples include the Arctic Avengers for Subzero, The Norwegian CT models from Marine or the CT models for Ivory. This also includes retextures of existing models. Have fun!
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