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  1. hi we are looking for an available experienced developer for source engine (this mean: level designer,modeller,pogrammer,musician voice actor and etc) for a source engine modification project we work on, you must have a knowledge on the source engine and hammer editor.

    • Level designer (someone should work on each map.)
    • Musician 
    • Modeller (to work on weapon and playermodel)
    • Sound designer (for working on weapon sound and re-loading n stuff)
    • HUD designer (to work on the HUD)
    • Programmer (making a custom discord rich presence for the game and such like event and map)
    • Voice actor (working on character voice and playermodel)
    • Playtester (to plalytesting our mod and see how is going)
    • Animator (animating the npc and weapon)
    • Graphic designer/concept art (working on logo and work on each level's design,weapon and such as characters)

    Dm us on the site or just send a email to us and post one resume of your work:
    [email protected]

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