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  1. @TheOnionChef I love the video you made for it! I'll make sure to play em both with my buds next time I have a chance to
  2. Idk what to say, aside from So pretty... MAN WHY YOU GUYS ALL SO TALENTED?!?
  3. I LOVE the variety of angles you've managed to create, without making the layout more complicated than it has to be
  4. Hi! First time on the forum, first time making a map! (aside from a test one following a tutorial) Firstly, let me just say, looking at some of these creations is humbling! I'm still a noob, with much to learn, but damn is it inspiring to see what some of you are creating! Especially seeing at which stage most people are in their creation/the form in which they approach the design! Perhaps my technique is a little wrong... but I'm recreating our IRL office and the surrounding environment and building in CS:GO! Don't be too harsh, but feedback is super super super appreciated - I've only got one site fleshed out atm, so it plays better as a wingman map than anything else. You can find it on the workshop as "de_hatt". It's just using default textures and props atm, but once I've fleshed it out a little more, I plan to get into finding some props and custom textures! Aside from the layout, one big issue I'm scared for is integrating this build into a small city setting... I am unsure how to balance detail with optimizing the skybox and stuff... It feels unnatural to just "wall everything off" :s I'll cross that bridge when I do though XD. Should I create a dedicated thread for this? I guess I have lots of questions... thanks -Eri
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