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  1. Sigh "how many times do we have to teach you this lesson old man?" This thread was a mistake.
  2. man I wish I had enough money to buy it.. but first saving money and work is important!
  3. I miss a lot of Half-Life 2 total conversion such as Neotokyo, Zombie Panic! Source, Fortress Forever and so more. Back when the Source SDK was realized you could do everything with it and make into a fun game! When Half-Life Alyx came out and bring up a another golden age of the valve community which I'm glad it's still strong. I was wondering if we're going to get more sourcemod mps in the future Man the good old day (Bonus: can't wait for sbox!)
  4. It is possible that Source 2 have that kind of photo realistic in the near future? Looking through UE5 contents is cool too : p
  5. Poofoge


    Looking forward! ^^
  6. @FMPONEWould Levitation features new weapons?
  7. Saw the trailer and wow I'm impressed, would be nice if there is more they hunger-like games.
  8. still hoping a they hunger return in the future
  9. I'm surprised nobody talk about this in Mapcore yet, kinda related to Half-Life but holy shit that ad was crazy. I'll imagine ''there'' will be a another valve-related commercial ads kind of like what they did with Portal 2 but what's all behind this? this is gotta be fucking cool yo.
  10. The matrix lobby scene is such amazing and iconic, I'm wondering if there's some that are made for Source 1 and Source 2. Would love to see it in the source engine style thought
  11. I have some archival stuff about they hunger and yeah I'm a huge fan of they hunger lol. I'm still impressed by @Buddyworks to these day
  12. Yep fun fact the BM VA Mike, also work on this bs remake too. It got some support from Crowbar Collective :0
  13. as someone who's a huge fan of the matrix I'm kinda surprised (I know what happens but havent see the new movie)
  14. yesterday I got Doom Eternal, Prey, Titanfall 2, Celeste, Killing Floor 2 and Postal 2 even more QUAKE
  15. https://store.steampowered.com/app/311810/Operation_Black_Mesa/
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