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  1. I'm working on some level stuffs for my game project in the Source engine
  2. Hello I'm poof and I'm working on a Horror-FPS project for the source engine I'm in need of modellers, level designers and etc (so far I've been working on this project with level designing playtesting stuff and programming etc I started this project latest month and it had been good for the moment). What is the project and what it is about? This is a SP Horror-FPS i'm working for the source engine, the game focusing on the survival-horror genre and it's inspired by classic horrors such as Resident-Evil, Zombie's Romero etc What I am looking for
  3. It is me or the new Alien game give me that vibes from the dissapointed fps Alien
  4. Life has been good and stressing so far, some complicated irl stuff and playing game (like CSGO etc) and workin on my own game
  5. Hello I'm poof and I'm currently looking for level designer, mapper, modeller and etc for a project I'm currently working on. What is the project? I'm working on a Horror-FPS project for the source engine What I am looking for? Level designer: you must have a knowledge with hammer editor Modeller: You must create the weapons, props/character etc Texture artist: you'll be able to create some texture from it Animator: you'll be able to work on the npc animating and etc Programmer: you must create a HUD, working on the main menu selection and oth
  6. Hey guys i'm poof, i'm currently working on a half life 2 mod named ''Radiation'' based after the black mesa incident and the end of seven hour war (which is would be themed) you're playing as one of the hecu's shepard follower and join the resistance the mod will be using Source SDK singleplayer 2013 btw. Mapper: have a good skills and knowledge on Hammer's to make map for the mod (underground,canal,combat zone,infested-zombie town and forest) Programmer: code and modify a custom hud with, the color green and yellow (fast hud) and a symbol for the heart. Modeller: For propos
  7. Hey everyone, I'm currently making a source project re imaginated they hunger. Looking forward: experienced mapper and other. Mapper: Able to recreate the og map in source (hammer editor) and must have a knowledge on they hunger. Modeller: must recreate the weapons, npc and etc. Texture artist: you'll be able to create some Texture for us. If you are interested pls dm me
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