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  1. Thank you and sorry if that's the case, I did not find the thread!
  2. Making a 1v1 map exclusively with @Yanzl's assets from Breach, because they're so cool
  3. Hi, I want my main building to be rotated in comparison to the ground floor. I'm using the vertex tool to do so because I want to stay on the grid. The issue happens when I want to add a brush and align it with my wall, because, depending on where Im intending to place it, that specific part of the wall is not necessary going to be on the grid. To limit this, Ive actually rotated the outside part of my map, because its an accessory to the main part of the map, which is the building itself. I'm not sure I'm being perfectly clear so I'll add a pic. How is this kind of rotating of a whole part of a map done by good mappers? Should I just rotate what I want to rotate when the whole map is done? Thanks in advance
  4. Starting my first ever map, don't really know where I'm going with this, well see
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