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  1. Set in a rural northern Indian village that has been ravaged by terrorism, this quaint village is the setting of a terroristic plot to bomb a strategic stockpile. I've been working on this map for a couple of weeks now and it's been both frustrating and rewarding learning how to use hammer as well as import custom assets. The prop lighting in the image is messed up, but the images are of a current work in progress. The attached images are obviously from its current state, but I will continue to update this thread as I progress!
  2. I've been having an issue with the Steam Workshop that I hoped someone would be able to help me with. I've been trying to post a couple of maps for CSGO on the workshop. Both maps were both uploaded with Valve assets. I made sure to choose the .bsp file in my common/globaloffensive/maps folder rather than the SDK folder. After publishing the maps, I get a message that says "There was a problem accessing the item, please try again." This has been going on for a week now. Thinking it was an issue with my map, I tried to publish the de_dust2.bsp file as a test which came up with the same error. When I go to edit my publishing, I notice that the folder that the Workshop is trying to take my map from is from a "temp_xxxxxxxxx" folder, which I found strange. I was able to post my map with no problems on Gamebanana and my friends have had no issue downloading and running the map. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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