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  1. Hi Guys! Thanks for your ideas and input! Awesome! We could potentially sponsor a mapping competition for sure. How many do you guys do a year? Is it only one? Radu and Text Fish The idea of side tournaments is interesting and I see why it is great for aspiring creators to get exposure of their amazing work. Blackdog This is an interesting idea. Would it be on already established maps then? In general though I think we are more interested in stuff that is not 5v5 Bomb Defusal maps. 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 etc Surf Death Run Best erik
  2. Hi Everyone! My name is Erik LondrĂ© and I work at Fnatic. We have previously dabbled in creating custom maps. We did a CS:GO surf map a few years ago and created a custom 1v1 map for an event. We were super happy with the results of both. When I watched a WarOwl video where he presented the maps from the Exotic places competition I got really inspired. The level of creativity was insane! So now I am coming to your community and asking what we can do together to make CS:GO better? What educational, competitive, or just plain fun map concept are we missing? Can we build the ultimate training/warm-up map? Are we building the scariest zombie escape map ever for this years Halloween? Should we recreate the Tokyo Olympics in CS? Or should we do something completely different? I would love to hear your ideas. Maybe you are already working on something you think we could collaborate around? Our CS:GO team is currently ranked #1 in the world, we have access to sponsors for funding, big name content creators and a lot of CS:GO fans all around the World. I think we could make some really cool stuff happen together. Send me an email at [email protected]
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