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  1. Robomodo destroys Tony Hawk Games. I'm really too glad to see that Robomodo is not involved. I think this game will be good.
  2. Update 17.05.2020 Hello, here is a new map update. I've made some changes. Most of the update is dedicated to the factory and the b-spot. Decorations on the factory are still missing and will follow in the next update. Have fun -added factory with B bombsite (factory details follow) -added building (mid) -added minimap -added A and B waypoints -added light sources -changed t way to b -changed apartment (delete stairs and balcony)
  3. Thank you for taking a closer look at the map. to your first question: I plan to create a competitive map 5V5 to point two: I will add light sources for the areas. to point three: I personally felt that the map was rather too small than too large. Of course, that can also be deceptive. I will consider how I can better define the areas. to point 4: I agree with you. the steps with the trees can be confusing. I wanted to limit the map in this area, but I also didn't want the beauty of the map to suffer. A small fence should help. to point 5: check point 3. Last point: I'll take a look
  4. Okay, now I understand what you mean. I will implement it in the map. Thanks
  5. Thanks for your warning! I already have embellishments and a lot of other parts converted into func details. Is it correct that way?
  6. Update: 03.05.20 -added building Ct / Aspot -added kiosk
  7. Update 30.04 -added Diner
  8. Hi, I started to create my first map and I want to share it with you. The T-spawn and the a-bombsite are currently under construction. I started to create the map completely and provided all areas with placeholders. I plan to work from area to area. Here is the link to my map: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2073821965 Take a look and tell me what can be improved. All buildings are still under construction. Please test the way to the A-Spot and tell me what you think of it. Map Setting: Bronx
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