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  1. One day my map will compile.....


    I've been trying for like 7 hours at this point and I've been optimizing the map as much as possible. It went from 4481 numportals to only 4182.... which isnt great for a map with little detail and dev textures.... please help me.

  2. Alright so howdy everyone. I know very few people will see this (if any) but i thought i'd give it a try because this community is extremely large and daunting but anyway.....

    I'm looking for a few counter strike players to playtest a map i've been working on. Just load it up and play a few rounds then give me some feedback, any is appreciated, don't shy away from negativity because I really enjoyed making the map and ill enjoy improving it in the future. 


    Hit me up on Discord! Cross#4076

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