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  1. Yeah I was able to do a simple script to make the menu at the top change depending on your device. I just gotta read up on the API to do that with the background. Or I could be lazy and just make it a dark gray
  2. Yeah that's tricky because it looks really good on PC but not as much on mobile. I'll have to mess with some code at some point here to get the background to change on mobile
  3. @blackdog I think I figured it out, seems to be an issue with safari. I believe I fixed that issue with the text on every page using container boxes.
  4. I was just doing some edits this morning so you may of caught me while I was making updates. Does the text still look like that out of the box on that page? Also what browser do you use on mobile? On my Google Pixel it shows up right That blur effect gets caused my mobile getting screwy with backgrounds. I may just set it to switch to a plain background when someone uses mobile if I can't get the picture backgrounds to show up properly
  5. @Puddy @JollyHolly Thanks for the detailed feedback guys! I ended up giving the site a significant makeover based on a lot of your notes. It should be a lot easier to navigate now and find my contact information. It now opens on the portfolio. The buttons and titles are attached to their entries clearer. Email and my name have been included in the header to be seen on any page on the site at any time. Killed the background in portfolio to make the pictures pop Cut down on a bit of text in the about page And I even rearranged some things in each of the entries. @Puddy Do companies actually filter out applicants if they haven't paid for their domain? Like if something says .wixsite.com. I hadn't heard of that before?
  6. https://jakestegmeier.wixsite.com/portfolio Hi, I'm a recent graduate from Arizona State University, in the process of applying for level designer jobs. My portfolio is entirely of mod work for the Halo Franchise, and much of my work has seen success in online matchmaking. Any feedback on format, content, organization, tech, etc.. is welcome. I'd like to make it as best as I can Also I'm open to opportunities if anyone has any leads
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