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  1. Dude omg yeees, it worked thank so much! i've been trying to make it work for the past 2 weeks, im so grateful thank u so muuch
  2. I did not, when i try to rename the map and launch it the map went back to his original name in order to load, however i think this is something else than the map having his own kv file in place like you mentioned, i tried literally every map and workshop map i have and none of them work with a kv file, also i already changed the models of that map back then (the map is called de_laferte) it worked back then just by adding a kv file next to the bsp file but it does not anymore for me, i don't know if something changed in the 1 year period i took a break
  3. I tried doing it your way but i cannot launch the map if renaming it
  4. It is not my own map actually, it's a workshop map that i'd like to record something in it, the map is called " de_laferte " i go on the website that generates kv file, choose the models i would like to have and make sure the kv file has the name of the map before generating it, then once i've the kv file i place it along the " de_laferte.bsp " file, it was working just fine a few years ago but now i cannot make it to work, there has been a few updates in between so idk if something changed.. I took some screenshots of where the kv files is and the content of the kv file. https://prnt.sc/qzrae1 https://prnt.sc/qzrahb
  5. Absolutely not ^^ as i said i just used it as an examplar...
  6. It simple does not for me, i used this website too for years, it was working back then, after that i took a short break in the game and since ever i cameback kv files does not work for me anymore, i do the same process tho, name the kv file exactly like the actual map " de_cache " for example, then i place it next to the other de_cache files within the csgo/map folder, yet the models arent changing
  7. Hello i wanted to know why are kv not working since the panorama update, and if there's anyway to fix it, i'd like to change the ct model in certains map
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