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  1. Hello, this is my thread for the mapcore contest. De_bloodrock is set on an ancient archeological site, terrorist came here to steal some valuable findings but they didn't find anything useful so their next plan is to blow this place up. Counter-terrorists must protect the archeological site at all costs. (Map is currently ongoing some visual finesse) Edit: the map isn't fitting the theme too well, there are some key optimization issues (untidy brushwork etc.) and is not looking like a professional map as compared to the submissions in this contest, i'd be withdrawing this map from the co
  2. Hello guys, i've been making a map but this weird problem bugs me at random places, there is a shadow between two displacements as you can see in the picture, I have no clue what causes this since it doesn't appear at other parts of the map where displacements are joined together. Any help is appreciated, thanks. Tried: 1) Adding nodraw at non visible area 2) Aligning texture to be seemless 3) Remaking the entire displacement surface
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