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  1. Well, by showing the scores, the authors can see what they could/need to improve. Also people are just curious . But other than that I would also like to address a suggestion/idea for future competitions. See, we now had a creative limitation (the map being exotic), but what about technical limitaions like "original assets only", "300 brushes max" or "not larger than 2048x2048x2048". It would offer a different kind of challange to map-making. Just a thought.
  2. Within 23 days?...Woah! Just for that you deserve a special prize.
  3. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1985246819 Didn't worked that much on it, but here is a textured version of my map. I want to note here that it doesn't have sprites, working cubemaps or soundscapes. But it was fun (and sometimes annoying) to make it and I have never gotten this far with a map till now. So thanks to the organizers of the contest and good luck for the other competitors. By the way, do participants get to know how much they scored?
  4. Well, if he chooses bright player models like the phoenix or professionals, it won't be a huge problem I guess. Absolutely like the asthetics by the way; It looks really similar to de_hankagai from Counterstrike: Condition Zero.
  5. Well I had env_sprites on my map, but they showed the whole sprite (so the black background that is supposed to be invisible), so put them away for now.
  6. Here is my entry for the contest. I got the idea when I scrolled trough the skybox textures and wondered where you would actually use "sky051" and then a zeppelin came to my mind. Now I have a map with placeholder textures and props and really strange lighting. I would really appreciate it, if someone can give me some advice on the lighting https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1932894741 (Final entry is at the bottom of this thread)
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