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  1. based on feedback i change the Defusal map into a hostage map this fit now,after i test/spectator 5 rounds with stupid botz, 3 times won terros/2 times won ct ,looks good for this run = Changelog = -add more props for cover -add buyzone for ct -add 2 hostages on 2 different locations near the terrors * CONSTRUCTION * MAP BASE : New Map COMPILE MACHINE : amd 6300 6x 3.5 ghz ,12 gb ram ddr3 ,Asus ROG Strix-RX580-O8G,win7 x64 COMPILE TIME : 3 hours COMPILE version : $light_exe -threads 4 -textureshadows -hdr -StaticPropLighting -StaticPropSampleScale 0.25 -StaticPropPolys -final -game $gamedir $path\$file brushes solids : 5366 point entities : 3086 solid entities : 1080 DATE : 15.05.2019 Release date : 10.01.2020 map dimension :length-14000 width-7600 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- = Credits = textures - walls/floors :trak,tZorkc prefabs - anti tank obstacle/fan/crate : Polemarchos textures - warning_stripe_decal/polemarchos_decal/number_panel : Polemarchos --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. i was not sure wich textures i use for walls/floors,textures that are to bright dont look so much,so the textures i use now fit,i take the same textures on my last map toxic fabric im finish with the map after a couples erros while i pack custom contest with vide,where vide dont pack info>_overlays inside the bsp,heres the workshop link https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1964832214
  3. ok here the story of the map layout it plays on a hide facility inside a mountain see the pics,and i consider this map hide facility layout falls category for the contest,it is not like other maps industrial plant there a couple maps of them and those industrial plants doesn't fall under category for the contest,the main part of the layout was to makes little as get bottlenecks corners to avoid alot small -vis portals ,so lets say some examples we have room a next to room b this is good for -vis portals it makes a straight line,and all ventshafts are brushes/95% of light too and not vent/light.models,i like to map big maps this not mean big walls as you see in this map example,the map dimension are length-14000 width-7600 + brushes 5366,and now the map it looks like you say symmetrical,yes from the -vis perfomance view it is good to have those symmetrical brushes,but on the ingame view it looks like maybe for other the hole map different Q - It seems that indeed you have made this map with a gamemode like Unreal Tournament in mind A - nop the map was not from a gamemode like Unreal Tournament Q - From the radar it seems like terrorists are closer to the bombsites than CT's A - i change now the ct spawns are on the same hight as terror Q - Most of the layout is large open space with little cover to defend behind.  A - i add crates/barrels/etc on the map
  4. update im finish with map,the pics dont show the hole map,mapname is de_polemarchos_facility,the first one who test the map is radu after you vote my map then i rename my map as lowlife e1m1,when i dont get a vote i quit mapping and i map again lowlife quake3 maps,need to compile again after i spot missing texture to add and then i add it to workshop,one question are the comp mapper allowed to add there own icon on the loading screen on the right up corner,or only valve accepted maps got this loading screen icon, = story = member of polemarchos facility go for supply in town,the donut eater have long time observe those members,and they drive to there hide facility inside a mountain,now the polemarchos members try to explode there equipment not to fall in there hands
  5. the pics above are bsp compiled only ,this means no light,if it looks repetitive it is your view- this is a facility and not a city,i maked a couple other theme maps and this time i make a hide facility,at zanek your- Get yourself a reference,i take it as a compliment,if you can map a better map go ahead and show your map
  6. update i change the walls lower on the hole map,the models are done,if im finish with the map i post if a couple like to test my map
  7. hi i consider to try this contest im new to csgo mapping but i have experience in level design ,map layout is on a hide facility from the spy eyes the name i must consider later,need models to add and im done for a test
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