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  1. Sort of sad that being annoying is enough reason to ban someone - I know yall are real serious level designers and stuff but for me personally it was enjoyable to wake up and read a wall of text from a person who didn't really care about being nice or whatever but who indeed did give feedback and have risen valid points. Rip tynnyri, a man who's disability to be "polite" made people dismiss his points. honestly it seems that mapcore isnt a place for people who want to make maps, it seems like a place for people who wanna just continue praising top mappers and suck eachothers dicks.
  2. btw im Vodka4kidz on reddit so yall honorable mentions owe me one
  3. Bascially every thread tynnyri is in in a nutshell (this is a joke, i do not encourage rude behavior and i have nothing against anyone. yes i do have that much free time to make memes that only 5 people will get )
  4. Thank you, I cant imagine whats the reasoning for new models taking place of old ones but from what I learned all of source works on baked beans and dark magic so yeah
  5. Can someone help me pls, no matter what do i do for some reason one of the ct models is the agent lady. Heres my .kv : "de_hangaroa" { "name" "de_hangaroa" "t_arms" "models/weapons/t_arms_pirate.mdl" "ct_arms" "models/weapons/ct_arms_fbi.mdl" "t_models" { "tm_pirate" "" "tm_pirate_variantA" "" "tm_pirate_variantB" "" "tm_pirate_variantC" "" "tm_pirate_variantD" "" } "ct_models" { "ctm_fbi""" "ctm_fbi_variantA""" "ctm_fbi_variantB""" "ctm_fbi_variantC""" "ctm_fbi_variantD""" } }
  6. Final version is here A lot of detailing Balance changes make b more Tsided and a less Tsided, playtested 10v10 the balance seems like real good, am i weird for enjoying my own map? A bit more detailing Removed sum stupid spots Detailed a tiny bit more Saw sum other mapmakers made pins for their maps, had to make one as well minuscule detailing Changed the lore of the map from "evil terrorists" to "Brave Easter Island natives fighting for their independence" maybe a bit too political a tiny tiny bit of detailing The final version is on workshop, hope everything goes well. If I somehow happen to get into top 10 I will use the bonus month to polish everything, finish the goddamn 3d skybox and replace as much as possible with custom props. Special thanks to all of my friends who helped me playtest and to a finnish man im not allowed to mention. Goodluck everyone!
  7. So after tons of playtesting the final layout is here, its not much different but it plays better. (No the final version of the radar pic ofc) Most mapmakers suggest drawing a layout on paper or starting with it but I never personally liked it, Here I just made the areas I had in mind and then with help of playtesting it came together into a pretty solid layout (imho). So from the first look at the radar you might think that it is a clover layout, but the middle of the map connects straight to ct spawn instead of connectors to sites. Here is a simplified diagram of the layout: I call this the triple circle layout, it reminds of a cactus I once owned Heres the new layout of b site - basically added a single crate and shuffled about the ct spawn
  8. Ahhhh, I was sure its until January 1st... Well at least i got more work done cus i was scared of deadline. Thanks @Ringel
  9. Thanks everyone (2 people) for kind words, As you could have guessed i made it look more like the real place duh In Easter island they speak a variation of Polynesian language called Rapanui , In rapanui "Te moana" means "The sea" , as I dont want to have connection with the real place (previous example is the Orca diving center being changed to Puffy), I changed the name to "Nui Moana" which means "Big sea". Changed these buildings so now they are also more like the real place Until now forgot to also mention the Hangaroa's only lighthouse... Yeah its not much of a house and not much of a light but still There were much more changes both to layout and aesthetics but i wont show them rn. Now its only about 4 days and 6 hours left until the deadline, Gotta crunch myself. Again thanks for all the people who subscribed and rated the map - it even was on workshop frontpage for a week!
  10. im continuing to make dis look more like the real place , other than minor detailing i thought this is pretty cool.
  11. DUDE teach me how to make my maps look so good. even without textures its better than everything ive ever done. Very cool theme and aesthetics!
  12. "Hanga Roa (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈaŋɡa ˈro.a]) is the main town, harbour and capital of Easter Island, a province of Chile. It is located in the southern part of the island's west coast, in the lowlands between the extinct volcanoes of Terevaka and Rano" Evil terrorist are planing to bomb either a Moai statue or a small coffee shop in the heart of the harbor. Although Hanga Roa has a police unit they weren't prepared for an armed assault. It just so happened that a ST6 helicopter was flying nearby and they were asked by the Chile government to help them out until propper forces arrive. Map is based on pictures and street view of the place. Its still work in proggress tho im pretty set on the layout, details would be further worked on. Map is made for the Mapcore 2019 exotic places contest - no other csgo map was based on the easter island. workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1923096545 google streetview: https://www.google.com/maps/@-27.1468797,-109.4303617,3a,75y,151.37h,94.06t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sAF1QipMt5Q_8HCduQZLDxvF-h2-_6Evo6pcszYI-5kxu!2e10!3e12!7i11000!8i5500
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