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  1. I'm done with the walls and started to test with bots. This is A. To the left is CT spawn, from the right is one path for T and to the upper right another. This is B. The Ts can take a risky path to cover the bomb from the roof on the right. CTs are coming from the lower left or the canal. This is T spawn. It's going to be some kind of restaurant. The path to the left is going to be an old street. This is CT spawn. The garage of a bank. And here a view on the canal area in the center of the map.
  2. Now the whole T side of the canal is done, tomorrow I'll finish the CT side and start testing with bots to see where cover is needed. Happy new year everybody!
  3. First part of the map with walls, takes longer then I expected but at least I'm still satisfied with the dimensions. The bright green building ist T-Spawn.
  4. It's been over a month since my initial post but I'm still (or finally again) working on the map. I started from scratch because the scale was completely off. Claustrophobic corridors everywhere. This time I carefully watched the proportions and now I'm satisfied with the scale. A week ago I finished another project that kept me busy so from now on I will post updates regularly. I will finish the new blocking tomorrow, test it with bots and improve it for the first actual play testing that is scheduled for the second week of January.
  5. Hi, I'm new to Counter Strike mapping but have experience in level design. I wanted to get into Counter Strike mapping for a while now and figured this contest might be a nice additional incentive to finally get started. My map is called de_takoyaki like those very delicious octopus balls from Osaka Japan. I visited Osaka a year ago and liked both the city and takoyaki very much. One of the most famous areas in Osaka is Dōtonbori. The district is focused on food so it's a great place to try takoyaki. My map is inspired by Dōtonbori but to leave some room for alternations I chose to call it de_takoyaki instead. I created a reference board on pinterest. You can check it out here: https://pin.it/cl7a6ehfpf6i5p And here is a screenshot of my initial blocking: I already found out that I built too many narrow corridors and I want to go for a night time lighting setting with many neon signs. This might be tricky in terms of player visibility but I'm sure with enough tweaking it can work. I'm looking forward to give you an update on my progress!
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