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  1. Hi everyone. I am sharing a project from long ago that never quite made it across the finish line. It did receive a reasonable amount of playtesting and is a functional end-to-end map--but could use some love with regards to aesthetics. The project was an MvM mission for TF2 known as MuseuM V. You can find the project, details, and source at https://github.com/mstan/MuseuM_V (Below is a copy of the README from the repo) MuseuM V An (unfinished) Mann vs Machine project Contributors Gamemaster | Scripter Freya | Mapper Concept MuseuM V was a Mann vs Machine mission that was meant to be a museum of the history of Team Fortress 2 itself. The rooms were meant to symbolize the major updates that Team Fortress 2 went through. Theme Decor was meant to be pictures and "wax statues" of bots wearing various hats from the various updates, as well as wielding the unlocks that also came with these updates. Display cases would feature weapons on display as well. Map The map is meant to be loosely in the style of a gothic museum. The rooms would contain the wax figures and weapons on display. The spawn point is a large arena from which all the bots would spawn. Missions Missions leverage the attributes system available in the population files. The "standard" mission is a regular mission where waves would represent quickly going through various updates from the beginning to modern day. There are other missions in the game, each representative of the respective year they took place in (2008, 2010, 2011). The bots in these missions make use of cosmetics that were available prior to and up to their respective year. For instance: 2008 makes use of unlocks that were released from the beginning of the game through to 2008 2010 makes use of unlocks that were released from the beginning of the game through to 2010 2011 makes use of unlocks that were released from the beginning of the game through to 2011 2013 was a special mission created to represent "the entire game" up to present day. This project was being developed in 2014, making 2013 the last full year of completion. 2013 was modeled after Wave 666, making use of all weapons and unlocks all the way up to modern day (2013). The "final boss" of the mission makes use of the attribute system extensively, going far outside the standards scope of what is seen on unlocks. What's done so far Functional map layout end to end Complete, functional missions (default, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2013) Custom icons representing custom bots available What needs to be done Full map decor Additional playtesting (initial playtesting confirmed all missions to be functional at the time of a9's release) [OPTIONAL] Missions representing years 2014-2018 Open Sourcing As a collective decision between the map author (Freyja) and myself, we have decided that we wish to open source this project. Due to the our availabiity, this project has gone unfinished for a number of years. We wish to release the project in hopes that the community will be able to add finishing touches and provide a complete experience. Contributing Anyone is welcome to make contributions to this project (the source files have been provided in this repo). All that we ask is that you please credit the original authors of this project Contributing -- Population files If anyone has any questions about implementation of pop files, please feel free to reach out to me (Gamemaster) and I will assist to the best of my abilities. Pictures
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