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  1. monolith

    DE_CACHE (new version)

    I'm not sure how that's a good point. That's like saying the ladder speed nerf in 2015 was okay because, "Oh, I couldn't do the ladder strafe to pallet on Nuke anyway!" But now you will never be able to do it. Just like the self-boost. Now you will never be able to do the original jump in a match.
  2. monolith

    DE_CACHE (new version)

    It was actually a joke within the community at one point that soon the self-boost on Cache would become easier. Now it seems to be reality. It should be a little bit understandable why it would make those players deeply disappointed. So I'm posting on behalf of the community. People want challenge. If any pro does the new self-boost in an event, it won't be as exciting anymore because it's so easy to do now.
  3. monolith

    DE_CACHE (new version)

    I'm sorry, I understand you have years of mapping experience, but making the self-boost easier on CT side mid was not a good change at all. You have the movement community enraged by this right now. Your proposal to this change is strange. You still have to know how to properly air-strafe to it, but half of the challenge is now gone. It also doesn't make that much sense gameplay-wise as well. Why should T's have to expect that boost even more? CT's either had to sacrifice a teammate for a consistent counter-boost, or a solo CT had to use their movement to complete it. Make the self-boost the way it's always been. It was always so fun to do because of its challenge. I know Valve is trying to remove skill from maps, but please don't follow suit with them. Most movement players have been quitting CS:GO because of all these changes that spite them.
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