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  1. Thanks you Radix, it look better now ! Just some new pic :
  2. Hi, I used to build map for my own pleasure since 5 yrs, but I want to share it with you now. It's been a long time since I used Source and as you can I still dont know how to render models props i you have the solution pls This map is inspired by overpass and vertigo for the theme, the layout is a bit unusual, with top line and tricky way before going to plant. After different test with bots, the map seems well balanced between CT and Terro. But I need your comeback to be sure.. That's why I'm post this map here, to get to feedback and try to improve this first layout. Hope you will enjoy it. ps : i'm going to upload the file on the workshop You get the file .bsp right here de_strain_modif03.bsp
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