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  1. I really wanted to write down the reason for everything I did on this map, but I don't got much time (ti's 10:15pm) and would rather not, but I do wanna address on thing, the nav mesh isn't up to par, when I started finishing the project, it got messed up when I moved it in the editor, I wanted to get a radar, but it ended up being too much work and used up around 3 hours to attempt to make work, I just gave up because it's almost finished. also I wanted to get custom textures but I decide against it because, well, it's a beta, it's not finished, and maybe I could get advice before giving it a theme, so far the theme was a desertish area, but still, I'm going against it. any feedback is good feedback, and your free to ask me why I made a choice on the map, my goal is to make a balanced map ready for ranked the classic way meaning I don't know jack shit on how to play this game in the ranked modes hope you enjoy link to workshop - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1849899342 de_betaaa.bsp
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