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    bhoppi reacted to Serialmapper in de_island (remake)   
    As the title says , i am making a visual remake (getting rid of the cbble theme), and a little bit of gampley readjustments, of one of my older maps, de_island , that i made in 2014 for the gamebanana maping contest. Here its a link to it's page on gamebana.
    I started the remake more than a year ago, but i made frequent pauses due to, you know, real life. I'm going to finish it some day, no deadline, but until then i'm creating this topic to be more like a development log.
    My intention is to use HR textures, as much as possible the custom kind, and custom models, as much as possible made by me. Here are some screenshots to ilustrate the progress. Any constructive feedback is welcomed.

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    bhoppi reacted to maxlevelboi in Aqueduct   
    I am working on Aqueduct again

    The major changes:
    * The bombsites are connected to the supports of the Aqueduct, bringing the Aqueduct to the foreground instead of the background
    * Altering the map overall to detach it from the "This is a plain Dust2 copy" that it was branded as before
    * Actually using references this time

    The old release: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=600728667

    Thank you for taking the time to read the post!

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    bhoppi reacted to BARS in Karrida [Wingman]   
    In the city there is a spectacle, a bullfight! All the residents of the small town are on it now. At this time, the terrorists quietly planted dangerous substances in the city! Do not let the terrorists detonate chem


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    bhoppi reacted to JonyDrake in Submerged   
    We did some last changes and fixes to the map that should now be uploaded.
    After the contest ends we will keep working on the map and making it look better.

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