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  1. Workshop link is now available. I'll wait a bit for your feedback and make some tweaks before I begin to texture and detail the map. You can share your experience here or on the Steam Workshop page. I deeply appreciate your feedback! I'm still searching for someone who can work with Blender or other 3D modeling software for the custom props in the map, let me know if you are interested. Workshop Page
  2. A bomb defusal map for MapCore's Exotic Places CS:GO Mapping Contest 2019 currently in development. The theme is a traditional Bulgarian village/town. I'll wait for community feedback and make some layout changes if necessary. I'm willing to collaborate with someone who can make custom props (fences, windows, flowers, trees, etc.), PM if interested. Тhe name of the map is subject to change, I will be glad to see your name suggestions. Workshop Page Progress Table Pictures (01.10.2019) Pictures (01.09.2019) Pictures (01.08.2019)
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