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  1. so after some more feedback i had a big problem with bombsite b and not so much with a but a was also not fun so i redesigned them and now they should be better the rest of the map hasnt changed
  2. So major changes have happened to the map, b site has changed once again i started detailing some parts of the map and made some minor changes to the layout
  3. once again i have made changes to the layout based on some playtesting i have listened to commoncrayon and i have removed all of the zigszags in my map making it more fun to play around thx commoncrayon!
  4. So in this update i have listened to common crayon so i have made the layout more simpler and more fun Also bombsite b has changed totally i think its gonna be better than the last one ive been working on the church and its getting somewhere
  5. Based on feedback i have made the mid passage way to b from t slower so the left passage way will be used more
  6. started working on the t spawn area i decided this was gonna be a church:
  7. Heyo, so this is my first map i have ever made so i am not that good at detailing or texturing. the layout has been made with playtesting with some friends and i also tested it in 5v5 bots. i hope the layout is fine. also i would like feedback so i could improve my map!! so good luck to everyone who's participating in this event!
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