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  1. Sick_TwinN

    de_maar wip

    first of all happy christmas everyone!, So after making pithead which got 9th in the wingman competition, i wanted to have a bigger challenge. so i decided to make a 5v5 with @Ynel we started 4 days ago and we have made some good progress already! de_maar is set in norway close to a maar, where you can see auroras etc, our goal is to have a nice warm/cozy looking village. while having great gameplay some wip shots (some models are still placeholders) I hope you will enjoy them!!!
  2. this is indeed my first project that is 100% finished
  3. The map is now finished ive learned alot while making this map and it will help in future projects link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2239575326
  4. i didnt compile with the skybox since i forgot to turn it on
  5. thats very true its set in russia so
  6. I did the last playtest so its getting closer to being finished
  7. this is the second time ive switched theme. the first theme was not that promosing. so i looked for something else and then i found a nice saw mill village, but that theme was already used in the competition so i changed it to a farmland village
  8. the level has now been blocked in and now i can go to the next step to detail everything
  9. Sick_TwinN

    de_pithead WIP

    I decided to make a new topic since i am making the map alone now, thx to @DutchCrazyGamer for some of the ideas for this map! i wish him best of luck on his map :D here some wip shots
  10. i made the map before the mapping contest but i am happy that i started over since this layout is way better haha
  11. since i couldnt use this map i made a new one! here some wip shots
  12. So we made a whole new layout and we also changed the location a bit, the map is now set on a sawmill some wip pics
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