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  1. Some small changes to the map, ill hope you will like them No changes have been made to the layout
  2. Did some changes to b bombsite and started blocking the map a little more
  3. i big tip: first finish the layout before detailing so use DEV textures, they are called reflectivity so when you think you have a good layout go ahead and let peaple play on it so you can get some feedback and improve the layout you can block some stuff out with the dev textures for example a house but dont focus fully on detailing
  4. Some more changes to the map b site has some more height difference so its a dig site and 1 of the entrances has been blocked off with a wooden plank so some nice wallbangs can be done, i also started detailing the t site of the map
  5. should i make it lighter? cause this is exactly like my refrences
  6. just learing how to detail and such this wil probably not be in the final version so
  7. So small changes have been made to bombsite b and i started detailing the map more
  8. so after some more feedback i had a big problem with bombsite b and not so much with a but a was also not fun so i redesigned them and now they should be better the rest of the map hasnt changed
  9. So major changes have happened to the map, b site has changed once again i started detailing some parts of the map and made some minor changes to the layout
  10. once again i have made changes to the layout based on some playtesting i have listened to commoncrayon and i have removed all of the zigszags in my map making it more fun to play around thx commoncrayon!
  11. So in this update i have listened to common crayon so i have made the layout more simpler and more fun Also bombsite b has changed totally i think its gonna be better than the last one ive been working on the church and its getting somewhere
  12. Based on feedback i have made the mid passage way to b from t slower so the left passage way will be used more
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