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  1. unfortunately, i am not able to finish my map due to school i will be finishing it after the competition here are the final results for this competition:
  2. this map just looks so nice man! i like everything about it
  3. Made this cliff for a wingman map that i am gonna make with @DutchCrazyGamer Its gonna be set in an alaska village
  4. Did some layout changes to the bombsites and added an entrance to mid, and detailed the map more
  5. i think it looks a little bit to clean but other than that its very fresh looking!
  6. welp its gonna be hard to find someone but thx for the compliment!
  7. I am still searching for someone who is willing to help me texturing/detailing my map hit me up if you want to help my steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198311373700/ my discord: iiTwins#3902
  8. i know i did it wrong, it was my first time using it lol........
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