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  1. Yeah that's what I did mostly however I didn't plan very well in the beginning which resulted in a lot of wasted time.
  2. Today I spent some time optimising the compile times by trying to reduce the amount of numportals (5h to compile on Full HDR only). I started with 9118 numportals with only major brushes being converted to details. After running around the map and converting a bunch more brushes to details I was able to reduce the numportals down to 5548. Lastly I added an optimised skybox which drastically reduced the numportals to 2145 (3-35min to compile). Next up I'll be adding more detail to my maps building and reduce the amount of unnecessary brushes used currently. EDIT: Compile times seem to be ranged. Sometimes it will load super quick and sometimes it will hang at 9.. (no I don't have other applications on hogging CPU usage)
  3. Currently working on a map set in china... location will be revealed later. This is a solo defusal map and is my second ever developed map (first one was pretty bad). Progress and map layout will come soon, but here is a sneak peak (mid) Some progress is being made....
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