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  1. Hey guys ! So it's been some times now. I've made some changes on the layout: No ladder on B anymore Reduced Mid stairs New covers on A Window on A now accessible from the bottom A short only one way (still thinking about it) A from CT spawn is now in both way (near ladder) Custom textures / custom props inventory New building design (WIP) near the tower in mid Expand CT spawn Prevent T spawn from spawnkill Clips and stairs are done I'm going to release this second version soon
  2. Hey XD Sorry about that, you can go and check it now Map is published ! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1817698914
  3. Ok guys ! Huge work on A since last time ! The CT spawn is near the ladder and the T spawn is on the sea. What do you think ? I plan to add an acess from apps T sided. The view on the first picture is from above CT and this area won't be acessible but I wanted to make a light shaft to indicate a "subliminal" path to A. The path is really easy to follow and positions are really clean even when someone has never seen the map. I tried to make it really natural. Map on steam will come soon, I'm just finishing clipping See you !
  4. Really nice layout ! What do you plan for the skybox at T spawn btw ? Ah yeah and pls fix
  5. Hey ! No link for the moment, I prefer to get a clean test A site first (B is finish), it is coming soon
  6. Some news ! I don't if you've seen the update of my last post but anyway, I've been working on the mid section. The radar has been updated for B aswell but I the underpass section not working for the moment, soon... For the moement, B is really fun even with some bot. Now working on A :D
  7. So I've been working on the layout of B site and I am currently working on adding fake props (cubes you know...) For the moment, I only have these screenshots: > As the B site will probably be T sided, I will add boxes advantaging CTs. For the moment I plan to leave the area empty to force map control (smokes will be usefull). >The underpass will have a "grid" acess so that smoke will probably pass through the floor (Nodraw area for the time being) >The ladder near the terrorist is temporary as I don't know for the moment if this are is over powered. I decided to set a huge case so that T need to be precise on their jump if they want to do it in one go. > The stairs area to underpass connect to a boost for CT. If that third path (for T) is too complicated and offers to many options, I will just exchange positions so that it will be possible to take stairs with a boost or going back to T entry on B site. W.I.P see ya --------------------------------- Update --------------------------------- Ok so site B as changed a little bit. the path is way simpler to follow and choke point are really distinct. I took some screenshots of the CT positions when they arrive on B from CT and from short. This is the view from underpass:
  8. Awp line - I think it is enough - I'll have to be careful with that line.
  9. Thanks ! As far as I am, this point is not that vital. I'll keep it for play test and see if I it is truly playable. I'll post screenshot ingame so that we can clearly see it size. Regarding the smokes, the point will probably be out of range for T as they are below CT for grenades. However, this point is reached by both teams approximately at the same time which is something I absolutely want to keep. Thanks for your advice !
  10. I really like details but is that line for awp a bit too small ?
  11. Damn, sounds good ! I want to see how you will handle this !
  12. Hey looks nice ! I like the parallelograms on site A ! What kind of road are you planning to do on these ?
  13. Hey thanks ! Nope this is a small island near the Peloponese in Greece => search Monemvasia :D I want to create a unique mechanic for this map (*surprise*) as it will probably be a map smaller than usual. The map will have an important height difference as you'll see on the pictures, from T to CT spawn ^^
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