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  1. That's a good point I guess. I would be doing the layout and we would be sharing the responsibilities of art somewhat. I sort of want to wait until later in my graybox progress so I have more of the layout to show, but if you want me to show you around I can. The main post is updated with more detail now
  2. I'm potentially looking for an artist, so if you're an artist and somehow aren't already partnered up, let me know. If interested message me on discord at alonelytaco#0923.
  3. The idea of both architecture styles is cool. Try not to end up like sparity though just saying.
  4. I guess I should probably get more detailed about the theme. A sample of an ancient pathogen is uncovered in the arctic. A company (ill think of a name) intends to use the sample to develop vaccines, but terrorists want the samples to use in bio-weapons. The map itself would be partly in a research facility and partly in the glacial caves where the sample was taken. (As of now B is the lab and A is the excavation site) Currently looking for an artist so let me know if you're interested. Names I'm considering (in order): de_pathogen de_stasis de_quarantine
  5. Name subject to change. This map is set in some sort of research facility somewhere cold (Most likely going to be Norway). It was originally going to be an observatory but I was recently informed someone else was doing this theme (oof) and it probably just be a generic research facility. I know this post is pretty much empty, but there will be more stuff coming soon as I work on the map.
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