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  1. Looks cool. Well done. I am wondering if you will add details?
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    My first try

    Hi I'm new here. This is my first try in lvl design. I'm still working on it. I just wanted to know your opinion. According to the idea, this is the bridge leading to the castle. I wanted to add as many details as possible to the bridge itself. The entrance to the castle must be blocked off by stones and in order to get inside it will be necessary to walk along the wall and climb the stairs, but the stair cannot just be seen from the bridge. I used candles as a direction indicator. And I actually just downloaded this your Unity yesterday, so I don’t know much yet. I also know that lvl designers fall into two categories; "One" follow the technical part and the "Second" place objects so that the player is not lost on the map or vice versa and also knows where to go and where not. Is it true? Can anyone tell me more about this in a nutshell?
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