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    Ynel reacted to JonyDrake in Submerged   
    Hi! I'm just passing by to announce that I'm joining deadknife in this map project, I'll be doing the detailing for the most part, here's what I've done so far (It's a blockout of the detailing).
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    Ynel reacted to JonyDrake in Submerged   
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    Ynel reacted to spa in Rampart   
    Update: Workshop Version
    Had another playtest and got another round of great feedback from the Source Engine Discord Server.
    There were some issues that Ive tried to fix but also some polish since last - finally got my skeleton soldier in with his Arisaka rifle!

    The container he is in still needs a bake/texture pass.
    The main thing i was struggling with was to give the CTs more agency on the A bomb site as well as post plant options. I even tried to add a long path behind the site, but it hurt rotations too much and was probably also a bit too OP so i ended with a comprise "shed" at the back of site, which can also be scaled with a skill jump up to heaven from the opposite side.

    Also fixed a broken boost and a really nasty sight line break from T into the B site boost which took a little remodeling.
    I brightened alot of the textures which i think really helped on both the visibility but also just the general look.
    Im pretty happy with the layout atm but please let me know if anything seems out of order!

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    Ynel reacted to Radu in Safi   
    Safi is a city in western Morocco, bordering the Atlantic Ocean, and the capital of Safi Province. The city was under protectorate by the Portuguese Empire from 1488 to 1541, was the center of the nation's weaving industry, and became a fortaleza of the Portuguese Crown in 1508. Safi is the main fishing port for the country's sardine industry, and also exports phosphates, textiles and ceramics. During the Second World War, Safi was the site of Operation Blackstone, one of the landing sites for Operation Torch.

    Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1984015802
    Development timeline:
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    Ynel got a reaction from cruptor in Submerged   
    You are the perfect example, how to build a map on community feedback. The map was HORRIBLE in it's first state. But you made it a really strong entry by now. It looks absolutly amazing, and the layout became fun to play! Big congrats!
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    Ynel reacted to DeadKnife in Submerged   
    More light detailing. Might seem mishmash but the idea is that the facility is part research, part military.
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    Ynel got a reaction from FMPONE in The Half-Life 3 thread of closure and memorium AKA what Tyler McVicker just said on YouTube   
    @FMPone God damn it, that was one of the most annoying thing I've ever seen. I tried for like 45 minutes straight... To beat that one part. And then realised... I had to go back...
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    Ynel reacted to FMPONE in Exotic Places CS:GO Mapping Contest 2019   
    Mapcore is now holding a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Mapping Contest for original 5v5 bomb defusal maps AND hostage-rescue maps, powered by FACEIT!
    Mapcore's Veteran Judges will be joined by CS:GO Guest Experts on CS maps, such as
    Pimp, Moses, The WarOwl, LAUNDERS, adreN, DDK, James Bardolph, and Anders Blume!
    How to Enter the Exotic Places Mapping Contest
    Post a "Work In Progress" thread in Mapcore’s Official Event Forum!
    When you're ready, update your WIP thread with a link to your playable map's Steam Workshop page.
    Your thread + playable map constitutes your entry to this contest!
    Submission Deadline
    Your playable map must be entered by February 1, 2020 at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST). 
    Judging Procedure
    Mapcore Judges
    Puddy -- @puddpuddpudd
    TopHattWaffle -- @TopHattWaffle
    Guest Experts
    Pimp -- @Pimp_CSGO
    adreN -- @adreN_Hoag
    Anders Blume -- @OnFireAnders
    James Bardolph -- @jamesbardolph
    Daniel "DDK" Kapadia -- @ddkesports
    Jason "Moses" O'Toole -- @OnFireMoses
    WarOwl -- @TheWarOwl
    Launders -- @launders
    Mapcore will announce Contest Finalists on February 10, 2020
    To determine 10 Finalist maps, Mapcore Judges will rate Contest maps according to the following 100 point criteria, with any ties broken by our Guest Experts: 
    25 points: Fun Factor (how well-designed is the map)
    25 points: Originality + Relevance to the "Exotic Places" Theme (Exotic meaning it's normal definition as well as "locations seen infrequently in CS:GO")
    25 points: Visual Presentation (how aesthetically pleasing and sophisticated is the map)
    25 points: Overall Polish (bug-free maps; maps with Soundscapes; maps which run smoothly; other determinations relating to quality)
    Finalist mappers will then have one month to make changes based on community feedback.
    Top 4 Contest maps and the Grand Prize Winner will be declared on March 16, 2020
    After March 10, 2020 Mapcore Judges and Guest Experts will rate every finalist map according to the same 100 point criteria above (Fun Factor, Originality/Thematic Presentation, Visuals, Overall Polish), with any ties broken by Guest Judge Anders Blume.
    Mapcore will then declare the Top 4 Contest maps and our Grand Prize Winner!

    Contest Prizes
    Top 4 Contest Maps receive:
    Eternal Bragging Rights
    A Spotlight on Mapcore (linking to each epic WIP thread)
    A Monetary Prize ($7,500 for First place; $4,500 for Second place; $2,000 for Third place; $1,000 for Fourth place)
    Map added to Mapcore’s FACEIT HUB platform for 4 months!
    Special Valve prizes! (CS:GO/Valve merchandise, courtesy of Valve Software)
    Contest Rules
    Entry into this Contest is free of charge for all. Your entry must be a playable map for the PC version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Remakes (maps of the same name and design of an existing map released for public download), sequels (e.g. de_dust3), and spiritual successors (new name for an old design layout) can NOT be entered. Maps that were under creation prior to the announcement of this Contest can be entered, as long as a complete map version (layout and any non-greybox art) was not released for public download. Map entries must be submitted to the CS:GO Steam Workshop AND our Mapcore Contest sub-forum before the deadline. Map authors are free to share their map on any other websites or services they wish, however the map must remain free to download. Multiple map entries are permitted, however each entry will be judged for its own particular quality. Map entries created by teams are permitted, however entrants will have to agree how to split any prizes awarded prior to prize claim and dispatch. Mapcore encourages entrants NOT to update your Workshop map after the deadline. Entries will not be disqualified if updated, but entrants assume the risk of introducing bugs/glitches into their work. Judges will not be asked to overlook such bugs/glitches, so we recommend "finalizing" a polished version of your project before the deadline in order to “put your best foot forward”. Mapcore forum rules must be obeyed. All custom textures, models, etc. must be embedded into the map's .bsp file (FREE TUTORIAL AND TOOL). Assets must also comply with Steam Workshop guidelines. Map authors must be able to accept cash payments. Winners of hardware or physical products will be required to provide a valid shipping address. Judges, Experts, and individuals associated with organizing this contest CANNOT enter, nor provide material assistance to map entrants. If a Finalist entry is disqualified due to violation of ANY of these rules, all applicable winnings will be directed to the next highest-rated map. Void where prohibited.   
    Contest Eligibility
    1. Participant eligibility: This Contest is open to any individual, or teams of individuals, provided they comply with the following:
    Participants must not be an Employee or Official Staff Member of the “Organizer” (Mapcore) or “Sponsors” (FACEIT). Participants must not have taken part in the judging, or official announcement of this Contest. Participants must not be a direct relative, spouse, or direct employee of any of the above. If a Contest Judge has previously published a CS:GO level with a participant, that Judge will be fully disqualified from scoring any entry by that person. In place of the disqualified Judge's score, the entire panel of Guest Judges will be asked to rate the entry, and their rating will then be averaged. 2. Legal Age: This Contest is open to any individuals who meet the above “participant eligibility” criteria. In the event that a participant who has not reached the legal age in his/her state wins one or more prizes, he/she must provide contact details for the legal guardian who will claim the prize(s).
    Prize Disclaimer
    FACEIT will be providing Prize revenue. Mapcore assumes no responsibility.
    And to our INCREDIBLE Sponsor:

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    Ynel reacted to mtchromatic in de_hotel   
    The bombsites seem rather generic to me, a square plant zone with some crates on it.
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    Ynel got a reaction from DeadKnife in Submerged   
    You are the perfect example, how to build a map on community feedback. The map was HORRIBLE in it's first state. But you made it a really strong entry by now. It looks absolutly amazing, and the layout became fun to play! Big congrats!
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    Ynel got a reaction from mtchromatic in Submerged   
    You are the perfect example, how to build a map on community feedback. The map was HORRIBLE in it's first state. But you made it a really strong entry by now. It looks absolutly amazing, and the layout became fun to play! Big congrats!
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    Ynel reacted to DeadKnife in Submerged   
    Mid and A connectors completely changed.
    CT -> B entrance changed into 2 not as awkward entrances.
    Doing some detailing (nothing worthy to show yet)
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    Ynel reacted to Sick_TwinN in de_napoli WIP   
    Some more changes to the map b site has some more height difference so its a dig site  and 1 of the entrances has been blocked off with a wooden plank so some nice wallbangs can be done, i also started detailing the t site of the map

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    Ynel reacted to Sick_TwinN in de_napoli WIP   
    so after some more feedback i had a big problem with bombsite b and not so much with a but a was also not fun so i redesigned them and now they should be better  the rest of the map hasnt changed

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    Ynel reacted to DeadKnife in Submerged   
    Many layout changes based on feedback from the playtest. There's still a lot to do but I thought I'd show you all how it's all going. I am also beginning to make the theme more apparent and making the player feel as if they're playing on a level set underwater, not some boxy rooms with sand outside. But for now it is boxy rooms with boring sand outside 😄 
    Workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1783407163&revision=1
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    Ynel got a reaction from JonyDrake in [WIP] Comuna 13, Medillin (de_Medillin)   
    Omg, what happend to this map  (But in a kind of good way)
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    Ynel reacted to jd40 in Incline   
    Layout update:
    Shrinked the map to a more reasonable size. Moved A split closer to the bombsite entrances. Second B entry is now only connected to mid. Added more cover to both bombsites. Added a back path for CTs to bombsite B. Blocked some sightlines around T spawn. Here's a comparison showing the changes, radars by @Terri's auto radar!

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    Ynel reacted to sir goober in de_Vice   
    So I'm working on the lighting issue, and I believe I have made some great improvements!
    but before I go fix the entire map, I worked on one spot to see if it would look good. Gotta say, I'm liking it!
    So I made one spot with a very clear and nice cyan color, while one part is that a e s t h e t i c deep purple color (combined with some detailing)!
    Should I continue using this combination? I think it's a lovely fit! =-]
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    Ynel got a reaction from mr.P in Graveyard   
    Now that's... An original, and very cool idea. Not sure how it plays, but it doesn't look bad neither!
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    Ynel reacted to Donskioni in [WIP] Touristas (now) de_xenos   
    Been in photoshop alot lately figuring out what my textures are going to look like! Going to get em ingame soon to text scale, normal maps and blending! The stone with the white boarders took 5 hrs alone ... phew. Its one of the core textures tho! 

    Take a look! 

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    Ynel reacted to Interfearance in de_bucha   
    I'm signing up for a playtest today. Here is the patchy but functioning radar:

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    Ynel reacted to DeadKnife in Submerged   
    Playtest was successful. It was fun, but also CT sided, mainly because of the long sightlines.
    Removed long sightlines at both A and B entrances
    Pushed Ts back
    Removed Control Room, as it was too OP
    Added more cover to B site
    Made the map slowly flood if the bomb detonates
    Other small improvements
    Mid will be redone in the next update, as it's still very awkward for CTs that decide to rush there.

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    Ynel reacted to FMPONE in Overwatch   
    that fucking ruled, but how is Capcom not finna sue you??
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    Ynel reacted to esspho in anchor   
    Here is a link to the workshop and some screenshots.
    bombsite A

    bombsite B


    t spawn

    ct spawn

    Let me know, if you got any kind of feedback.
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