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    Ynel reacted to Squidski in Orion Models   
    I finally got around to packaging up all the models I made and/or modified (with perms) for cs_orion.
     The custom materials made for brushes/displacements are not included as I do not have the proper permission to distribute those.
    Some models aren't great so I'm providing them as-is. I won't fix anything but you are free to contact me on Discord (Squidski#9545) if you have any questions about how I did things or why.
    You are free to use these for all non-commercial purposes provided you give me credit in the description, for any commercial usages contact me. A final note, some things in the VMF are scaled up for better viewing, some things have multiple skins, and 90% of the things that are just solid white are tintable. Go crazy and make cool stuff.
    Google Drive download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FrjGU40lf5Odq8lhtQZkkYBiu56issQj/view?usp=sharing

    If anyone downloaded before this message, I had forgot to include a model and have now updated the download link (at 1:44pm EST)
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    Ynel got a reaction from snaulX in de_maar wip   
    Our current layout, still heavily wip, but don't wanna be super quite about it here
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    Ynel reacted to Sick_TwinN in de_maar wip   
    first of all happy christmas everyone!,

    So after making pithead which got 9th in the wingman competition, i wanted to have a bigger challenge.
    so i decided to make a 5v5 with @Ynel  we started 4 days ago and we have made some good progress already!

    de_maar is set in norway close to a maar, where you can see auroras etc, our goal is to have a nice warm/cozy looking village.
    while having great gameplay

    some wip shots (some models are still placeholders)
    I hope you will enjoy them!!!

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    Ynel got a reaction from Sick_TwinN in de_maar wip   
    Our current layout, still heavily wip, but don't wanna be super quite about it here
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    Ynel got a reaction from xAii in de_maar wip   
    Our current layout, still heavily wip, but don't wanna be super quite about it here
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    Ynel reacted to JonyDrake in Submerged   
    We have re-released submerged on the workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2088849446
    There's a hidden whaleman, try to find it

    Also, some callouts courtesy of Fizzy Physics:
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    Ynel reacted to FMPONE in Source 2 Hammer Bugs   
    If you try to take a high resolution screenshot, the editor crashes.
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    Ynel reacted to Wintrius in Submerged   
    I would put some spotlights integrated into the floor, that would look really modern and fancy.
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    Ynel reacted to Interfearance in Submerged   
    It would look a million times better if it was better lit. Perhaps the sign in some way emits light...
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    Ynel reacted to JonyDrake in Submerged   
    Some progress on CT
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    Ynel reacted to JorisCeoen in Daigo   
    So, I've decided to tackle this project once more, due to a particular request. I've thus finished an important asset that I have created both as part of the project, but also as an exercise to learn procedural design for both modeling and texturing (to ensure that I can change anything and any part of both the models and textures visually, at any time going backwards or forward, and without destroying the creative hierarchy of the asset). Not only was this an eye-opener because it allows for endless possibilities, but it also allows you to have the precise mathematical information for depth, normal mapping, phongmasking and more importantly -regarding this case- blendmodulate textures.
    Below is an example of the new basewall rock texture, and its blendmodulate texture that was created based off the Render-to-Texture procedurally generated model:

    It's hard to explain just how much procedural design changes the way you look at creating pretty much anything, but it makes so much more sense to the point that I don't see myself going back to photoshop or GIMP at almost any step in the creative process any longer. Creating textures from reference images is nice, and you can achieve some nice results, but if you want the power to do just anything you want with no artificially generated information, procedural design is the way to go. Substance Designer and B2M are really great, and you can do awsome stuff with it, but deriving textures from actual geometry that can also procedurally change is one step further that's nothing short of being amazingly perfect.
    I also want to stress how much more detail there is to this procedural texture, which is only 1024x1024, compared to the one there is in the current version of Daigo, which is a whopping 2048x2048 and physically generated off a reference image. It's just ridicilous.
    The goal with the blendmodulate texture is to allow for a wide variety of blending between the plaster walls and the stone, while also having other blend possibilities between this 'blendline'. This removes the need for a wall made out of a tesselated model, breaks the repetitive pattern of the texture, is cheap, and also saves up huge amounts of mb's in filesize while also being less straining on the eyes. Not to mention, since they are displacements, I can easily change the shape in a fine way to make it look a little more natural as opposed to completely 'flat'.
    Once the whole project is over I'd love to go more in-depth in the whole process of achieving all of this entirely in 3DS Max and export it easily with Wall Worm, but for now I'll continue fixing the remaining things in the map and hopefully get a new playable testversion sometime around the 8-10th of May.
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    Ynel reacted to Byron in de_vertigo   
    I think the new changes are a good start for making middle viable for terrorists to use. Previously you could have one or two Ts watching window when taking B, but thats about it. Due to vertigo's layout, Ts dont need mid control to rotate, so without the need to use mid for alternate routes into the bombsite, there is no need to control it beyond watching for CT agression. Having the old mid to B enterance reworked the way it is is a step in the right direction, however it isn't very polished on the B side. I think the next step would be making the new route from mid the primary CT/Mid connection, removing the original one, as the current CT/Mid connection currently serves to make a Mid to A take as a terrorist borderline impossible. 
    Reworking B site itself is also a good change, as it wasn't very functional as a bombsite before. Changing the height and reworking the cover around ramp are both positive changes imo. I think A site deserves similar treatment, as right now the site itself is very cramped and cluttered. Maybe moving the crane to the far edge like bananagaming suggested and changing some of the cover.
    Overall, positive changes all round in my opinion
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    Ynel reacted to JonyDrake in Submerged   
    We have released a small update to mid. It's up in the workshop.
    It has some already known bugs like breakable metal.
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    Ynel reacted to Zanek184 in Submerged   
    The tank on the playermodel's back looks a bit flat in terms of shade compared to the rest of the model. Other than that, looks great!
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    Ynel got a reaction from JonyDrake in Submerged   
    It looks insane, but for some reason, those perfectly symmetrical cabels just hurt my eyes. But other than that... Good job!
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    Ynel reacted to JonyDrake in Submerged   
    Submerged is not OVER, we're probably not going to make it to the end of the contest in time, but we'll do our best.
    Some progress we've done.

    (doesn't have any textures yet, it's there to test proportions)
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    Ynel reacted to DeadKnife in de_hotel   
    The shadows look pretty harsh.
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    Ynel got a reaction from DutchCrazyGamer in de_napoli WIP   

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    Ynel got a reaction from Interfearance in de_napoli WIP   

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    Ynel got a reaction from MikeGon in de_napoli WIP   

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    Ynel got a reaction from Sick_TwinN in de_napoli WIP   

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    Ynel reacted to Zanek184 in Hideout [WIP]   
    Detail progress. Only a few months until the deadline hits!!!


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    Ynel reacted to Radu in [WIP] Touristas (now) de_xenos   
    Why are you taking photos with your phone? of the map, that's in-game, which has steam overlay running, that has a built in screenshot feature
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    Ynel reacted to ExtraCheesyPie in Shunker (Hostage)   
    Surprise, this project isn't quite dead yet (at least amongst the graveyard of single post threads)!
    I might as well share some screenshots of what Bristn/OP and I have been working on. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Obviously still heavy WIP
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    Ynel reacted to JonyDrake in Submerged   
    We're slowly but surely starting to detail the map
    -T spawn detailing WIP
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