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  1. Is this really an Overwatch hero? (btw it's cool, but weird)
  2. Oh shit, it is possible to get out of the map with a 4 man boost
  3. Now that's... An original, and very cool idea. Not sure how it plays, but it doesn't look bad neither!
  4. I'm not dead! But there's a playtest on the 24th of July, on TopHATTWaffles server. So i didn't wanted to change much things until then. But I have some new textures, wich will be implemented after the playtest!
  5. Those tiles are looking extra cool! But thr layout is very boring. Every round will play kinda the same. CTs rush out, and catch Ts off-gourd, while going to one of the sites.
  6. Finally updated the workshop pictures: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1768264465
  7. I didn't posted pictures for a long time, so here's some:
  8. Even if this is a cool idea, my head just hurts from these colors... Please turn the contrast down a bit.
  9. Definatly looks better, but please, use a yellowISH lighning, that would make it less claustrophobic.And one small thing: Way too many props there. Just remove some, not all, but some. Oh, and here: This looks like a big stair for me. Please try to make it a normal room, with stairs in the doorways.
  10. I moved them a single unit, and it fixed it. But it was weird...
  11. What? These aren't nodraws, and I don't even have nodraws close....
  12. @MikeGon Yes I know, I could do it. But I like the minimap more this way. And originally, i didn't even wanted to change the sun angles :'D (But it looks better) That part you mentiond, that is kind of intentional, becouse if Terrorist could take all 3 routes easily, the site would be VERY T sided. And than you might ask, why not just close it? I don't just want my map to have a nice cleaned up layout, I want it to feel dynamic. That you don't feel yourself closed up, and you feel like it's a real place. But yes, that is a very weird part for me to. It has gone trough several changes, and probably, will change too. I'll try to do something with it in the next update. I'm concidering a change like this. With a little corner, to play around, on both sides Like this:
  13. @ShaddoI'm happy to see someone just playing around, and just look at the level! And big thanks for it! The bomb stuck spot will be fixed soon. And I I plan to have the... Hillside, on T spawn, and a path way, on the side, that leads up to it. But you'll not be able to access it.
  14. @Interfearance But I think, jd40 knows what's he doing too.
  15. I rotated the whole Map, by 90 degrees, and the lightning looks so better, as well as the radar, wich looks a bit odd for first, but I don't really know... And I added some new areas. (Oh, i just saw, that the minimao is buggy as hell again. Going to fix it soon)
  16. It just looks way too cool. Man, I think I already have 0 chance... I wanted to make a unique map, but I just can't balance it good enough. But you just made a map, that is so god damn original, and I can see it's very fun, from the screenshots...
  17. And I have new textures for them too! But I don't know how to compress them into the maps file, so... I don't use them until I find it out.
  18. I have already removed them...
  19. It looks a bit small, but it still can be fun!
  20. Very small. Please try making it MUCH bigger
  21. Minimap is working, and there are some intresting changes coming.... (However, it's a bit buggy, but I will fix it)
  22. I don't think just by addig rooms, it would make it much better. If you really don't want to start it again, please, somehow, you need to transfor those corridors into rooms, or make them wider. The red lightning is just a bad idea, and I don't think you should do it. And I don't think there are red lightning in 'real submarines'. Here's "some" ideas:
  23. Also, the lights on the walls, will look cooler, if they weren't so bright. Or just make them a bit more further away from the wall.
  24. some suggestions (But otherwise, it's really good) : (And these I'm not so sure if these would make it better, but that useless area, really should be removed)
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