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  1. Holy moly, I just realised how fun my old B site was... (and it looked kind of cool too)
  2. Well, I know the competition ended for me a long time ago, but first of all, I wanna congratulate all the finalists, they did a great job with their map. Secondly, I'm here to announce that I'm gonna continue working on this map, since I feel like I can make it work. I was wrong when I said this was an ending for the map. But I'm gonna go back to an old save, when the map was very different, to the version, when the playtest happened. I'm not sure where to post progress, and I'm not sure if I will even post it anywhere, but I'm hoping I can revive this map. And for all the finalists, good luck, I'm looking forward to your maps!
  3. It looks insane, but for some reason, those perfectly symmetrical cabels just hurt my eyes. But other than that... Good job!
  4. The map looks amazing, and all the areas seem uniqe, I'm looking forward to this entry! Good luck!
  5. What do you mean exactly by "detailing"? @JonyDrake
  6. changed name to rip, to show the status of this project... Well it's a sad ending for this map.
  7. I'm not sure about, that this is the right thing to do, but I'm making a completely new map. I always just felt bad, when playing on this map. It wasn't right. I tried to fix it but I failed. I think it's time for me, to move on. If you think I should continue this map, then tell me. And yes, I'm making a new map FOR THIS COMPETITION. In 3 months. Not gonna be easy. Hope all the experience I got the while making this map will help.
  8. Quick update: Probably gonna do a playtest on tophattwaffles server on the next weekend. Of course, that will be on the newest version, wich is not done yet, so I'm hoping I can finish this version, and do the playtest. And of course, I'm hoping it's not a complete failure. (And we'll see if the new models will make it into that version)
  9. I mean.... Yeah, this map wasn't 'released' to the public (only some playtest videos), but this map was almost done in January... And that was a long time ago, not sure how I feel about it, becosue you had so much more time, for everything... It just simply wasn't out in the workshop. (And they started working on it, in decembot of 2015 ) And don't get me wrong, what you did, is absolutely stunning, and you deserve to win this competition, it just feels unfair.
  10. Well, from now on, I will be using custom models, wich has been all made, by a friend of mine. He actually never played CS, so we'll see how it'll turn out. But if he ends up helping me developing this map continously, than you should expect the map, to become a much nicer place.
  11. @JonyDrake You really seem to elevate this map! Nice work so far!
  12. Finally made an A site, wich feels right! So we'll have to see how it really plays. There will be a playtest soon. But for now, I can only show a picture with a bit buggy lighning. Btw do you remember this? The worst thing is, that it is still relevant. I hope, I finally made something that works.
  13. You need 2 bombsites to enter this competition. At least that's what I think...
  14. Radar is bit buggy, but you get the point. Still not done, still lot of changes coming, to everyones 'favourite' site: A!
  15. From a map made by a guy with probably zero experience, to map, that has obviusly the most potential. At this point, you would be able to win this competition. Good luck, looks very promising!
  16. Okay, I can't stay quiet, so I'm just gonna show you, what can you expect. Seems much more exotic, than before. Only layout for now, and this will still change in a lot of ways. Especially A. That damn site... I can't get it right. Expect balcony to disappear soon. (oh btw mid is not what it shows, just realised, don't be scared, it won't be that ├╝ber open.)
  17. But yes, you're right. It's not really the right place for this.
  18. @Boccolotto I perfectly understand your thoughts, and I'm very thankful for your reply. First of all: I'm not that vulnerable. When I say I'm always home: I mean it. The only times I leave the house is when a go to school, and then I get straight back home. And if you're thinking someone will convince me to do ANYTHING on the internet. It won't happen... But now to the second point: Yeah... I tried talking to my mother. But the results were ridiculesly bad. I mean if she's yelling at me that "You're an addict, and addict should be tied up to a chair..." blablabla. Yeah... It doesn't seem like a good result... And it didn't even happen once... It happened like 4 times this summer. So talking is not working. That's not the way, to build a good relationship with my mother. And if you say: "Then talk about something that both interests you and her" Then I say: She's not interested in anything. She's sitting at home, doing nothing, and when I get home, she just straight up sends me to study. I don't hate my mother. I just wanna make you understand, that she won't change in any way. (Btw, I would love the learn German, I'm just horribly frustrated becouse I'm in the Higher Skill group, and I'm horrible.)
  19. Hey Guys! I know I promised a break, but i just want to give you some information about how's it going for me, because at the moment, I'm not in the best situation, i could've been. First of all: What the heck am i doing right now? And the short answer is: I'm perfectly aware of my horrible situation, and I know it perfectly well, that my life is not at a good point. Long answer: At the moment, I'm a 15 year old, high school student, interested in programming, making music, making maps, and... That's the biggest problem of mine. This has lead my life in a very weird and confusing way. I know I always had a slight anxiety, but this is becoming ridicules at the moment. I have no real friends, and I can't really talk about my problems. I had gone through some shit already, but I think at the moment, it doesn't look like, what I've done in the last 5 years, worth anything... I'm living alone with my mum, who has no job, and somehow still manages, to pay for our apartment. And she's just sitting at home all day... She really doesn't like the Idea, of me working with anything related to games. She knows I can program in C#, and made kinda fun games with the help of Unity, but there's no appreciation. She only says: "Games again..." Well this doesn't make my life easier, that she always reacted to everything in a way like this. And she's focus is on PURELY learning. My whole summer has just.... She wanted me to get to the Higher skill group in German.... while I didn't know a single word in German... So she decided to learn with me every... single... day.... Now I really mean it: Even on that single vacation I went (to Balaton), she were teaching me there too. Now this lead to me, being horribly tired in my soul. I didn't have a weak of spare time, since April. And I probably won't even have one soon, because she's trying to get me off from that frickin' computer. She really doesn't want me to spend anytime doing anything on a computer. And yeah, there is the possibility, that you're just another of those people who will just say: "Well, it's your mother, so you need to listen to her" But that's not the point I'm trying to make. I really don't know, if I wanna make this question or not, because I have such a big fear of rejection... But here's the simple question: Does it worth for me, to continue on this track, and make maps. I can't promise anything, but I really need some kind of feedback. Should I just... give up on it? I'm not sure. I would have a lot of other things that really interests me, but I have just spent so many hours on this shit. And.... There's the chance that I will do it, for even more... and it won't even worth it. Or, should I give up all my spare time, and focus on this? That just sounds stupid. Or, should I just continue on the same track, as I've been going on for a long while now? Okay, that's enough... Please tell me your opinion. It would mean the world for me.
  20. @FMPone God damn it, that was one of the most annoying thing I've ever seen. I tried for like 45 minutes straight... To beat that one part. And then realised... I had to go back...
  21. Last post, before I disappear for a while: The map is gonna get a big update, making the walls much less straight, and try to make the whole map, just a bit more dynamic. Because at this stage, i think it's pretty blocky. This will take a while, especially, because I'm a middle schooler, and obviusly, I can't spend all of my time working on this map. But I'll do my best, to make this map as fun as possibly, and get myself some experience in mapping.
  22. Btw, don't worry guys, map is getting a color pattern update soon. Never liked white walls everywhere. And just because of the Japanese theme: I decided, to make the make the lightning behave like a sunrise!
  23. Oh man. We picked the same theme. But you look much better at this point! But good luck, your map looks very promising!
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