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  1. I've roughed out one of the bombsites (props are subject to change over time, currently just present to get a sense of theme). This bombsite is placed outside the front of the farmhouse, with the terrorists having the option of rushing around the side of the house or through the house itself and entering the site through an upstairs window. After I mapped out a rough layout, I noticed the similarities it had to the map Austria, with the middle of the map being inside a central building. I changed the layout slightly to feature a more traditional mid route, which will be placed between the farmhouse and a barn, where the other bombsite will be located.
  2. Decided to get back into mapping with this contest. After a hour or so of brainstorming ideas, I've chosen to create a defuse map set around a farm in the Australian Outback. Haven't seen many maps set in my homeland so I thought I'd bring it to life myself. Since everyone seems to be doing a moodboard, here's one I prepared earlier.
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