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  1. I am now only working on de_verano.And I play-test all of my maps regularly with bots, but not so much with real people. Thanks for the feedback!
  2. A little improvement, stairs are now a decent size
  3. Alright, I'm going to continue working n de_verano, I just sometimes lose inspiration. T-Spawn after a few minutes of changing
  4. You need to stop the bots form killing themselves XD AND: I killed myself at the end of a round and spawned here
  5. Here is another map I worked on a little bit (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1950665401). I'm gonna try to finish one of the two for hopefully the end of this competition, but I am very much a procrastinator so I'm not so sure. Anyway, make sure to vote! React with "LOL" if you want de_testMap, and react with a "Sad" if you want de_verano. (Idk if there's poll options here so I'm gonna do it this way XD.)
  6. Workshop link. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1949272765 I'm not gonna work on this anymore. I feel like it won't be worth it and it feels too spacious to play in. By all means you can add to it, I just feel like I won't be able to make it any good.
  7. What do you mean by 'use more negative space'? Like make more playable areas in them and more routes to each place? And I have read the article and have it on my desk to look something up quickly when I need to. Still need to make it more compact though.
  8. There is now a new version of de_verano! Still need to upload it to the Workshop.
  9. I did not know about this, thanks! I'll read through it.
  10. I said I started making it ages ago, but now I only have this because I'm lazy XD
  11. Alright, I now have Hammer, and am working on making the map. Will have a creation of somewhat soon :)
  12. Drawing inspiration from Ibiza, and that's where this is set. I'll search for models I could use, but chances are, I'm gonna have to make my own.
  13. Alright, with a bit of help from a friend, I present de_verano! (Look that up on Google Translate but without the underscore)
  14. Yeah, the hostage map isn't that good, but neither is the hostage game mode in general. I still need to record the potential timings and make adjustments to the layout in accordance.
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