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  1. Alright, I now have Hammer, and am working on making the map. Will have a creation of somewhat soon :)
  2. Drawing inspiration from Ibiza, and that's where this is set. I'll search for models I could use, but chances are, I'm gonna have to make my own.
  3. Alright, with a bit of help from a friend, I present de_verano! (Look that up on Google Translate but without the underscore)
  4. Yeah, the hostage map isn't that good, but neither is the hostage game mode in general. I still need to record the potential timings and make adjustments to the layout in accordance.
  5. Made in Source 2? Awesome! A low-poly version of Counter-Strike? Awesome! It's completely free? Awesome! Did I mention that this game looks awesome? Because it's awesome!
  6. Made an update on the de_map. Still not sure of the name, but heck
  7. Made a hostage map. Which do you prefer? Also, I made an updated version of the de_ map. I'll post it later
  8. A work-in-progress thread for the Mapcore Exotic Places Contest. I'll update it with pictures when I find out how to. So this is the first design I got: It's gonna be based off Ibiza or Indonesia (keeping with the theme). Also I've never used Hammer and cba to get Wine, so I'm gonna need to learn it and make the map in like 5 months when I get a new PC
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