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  1. I didn't know about that! Thanks!
  2. How would I go about creating areas in a map that are slanted/rotated? Picture 1 is the top down view from hammer For example, in picture 2, the orange on the floor is one of the sites which is rotated compared to the straight other site (the other orange part on the floor to the right). Is there any way to easily make a map like this?
  3. Probably will no longer work on this map. Now moving onto a larger school de map.
  4. I am now only working on de_verano.And I play-test all of my maps regularly with bots, but not so much with real people. Thanks for the feedback!
  5. Alright, I'm going to continue working n de_verano, I just sometimes lose inspiration. T-Spawn after a few minutes of changing
  6. You need to stop the bots form killing themselves XD AND: I killed myself at the end of a round and spawned here
  7. Here is another map I worked on a little bit (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1950665401). I'm gonna try to finish one of the two for hopefully the end of this competition, but I am very much a procrastinator so I'm not so sure. Anyway, make sure to vote! React with "LOL" if you want de_testMap, and react with a "Sad" if you want de_verano. (Idk if there's poll options here so I'm gonna do it this way XD.)
  8. Workshop link. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1949272765 I'm not gonna work on this anymore. I feel like it won't be worth it and it feels too spacious to play in. By all means you can add to it, I just feel like I won't be able to make it any good.
  9. What do you mean by 'use more negative space'? Like make more playable areas in them and more routes to each place? And I have read the article and have it on my desk to look something up quickly when I need to. Still need to make it more compact though.
  10. There is now a new version of de_verano! Still need to upload it to the Workshop.
  11. I did not know about this, thanks! I'll read through it.
  12. I said I started making it ages ago, but now I only have this because I'm lazy XD
  13. Alright, I now have Hammer, and am working on making the map. Will have a creation of somewhat soon :)
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