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  1. I feel like that an abandoned cryptocurrency mining centre is a better theme as it is more diverse than an a boring data centre, while also is exotic/unique.
  2. Thanks, this is going to be my first ever map. i'm looking forward to beginning to making it after my exams finish next week.
  3. This looks amazing so far. Looking forward to seeing it finished
  4. Here are images A site is going to be like:
  5. the hostage map doesn't look like it will work very well as essentially the hostages will never get picked up and people will just camp in the hostage room the bomb map looks decent except the t side will get to the site before the ct side do.
  6. Name: de_bamboo Macro Theme: based in asia surrounding a bamboo forest while having a cliff on the side Micro themes: tside in all nature, whereas ct side is developed and old abandoned buddha statue is present. Goals: each site position isn't too bad or too good (all be countered) ct can see tspawn like on rianto lots of camping spots while all able to be countered Green, natural; and asian theme Landmark Features: cliff with glass bridge near a site Giant buddha at a site middle being a cave b site containing garden tspawn bamboo and natural ct spawn able to see t spawn far in the distance
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