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  1. UPDATE: we're almost done with the rework, the only thing that's left is closing everything in the map and making sure everything has a decent quality. 1- B Site 2- T Spawn 3- A Main (T side) 4- Mid 5- Mid Main (T side) 6- Cool view
  2. Quick Update: 1- Cool view Update 2- Bathroom Update 3- Lowersite Update
  3. 1.- Cool View Update with the changes 2.- New Site 3.- Unplayable area, but cool 4.- Ladder Room update (turned into a bathroom)
  4. I haven't had much time as of lately due to school stuff, but soon I'll have more. Here you have some early wip pregress about the remake of lower and mid
  5. Ok, after some more playtesting, the common opinion was that people loved the upper site and didn't like the lower site. So rn we're reworking everything about the lower site and the main building so the map feels more conected and overall more cohesive. Most of the stuff from lower came from the early iterations of the map when there was no spawn area and me and Sam were just throwing ideas, so now that we have a clear vision of what we want to do, we'll be developing the map as a whole instead of making it bit by bit. We'll have some more progress soon!
  6. Tar update :pog: Also: Pizza Shop + some changes to upper site
  7. If anyone could give us feedback based on this WS link would be appreciated.
  8. may be a little complex. Try to cut unnessesary routes.
  9. Playtest ended. Map is fun but T sided as of now because CTs have poor options when it comes to rotations compared to the Ts.
  10. Indeed It's outdated tho, so I'll update it soon (I fixed the image anyways) So, Yesterday we did a playtest on the SE server, and rn we're reworking the outside area, bc the indoor area and the grotto played mostly fine. For now enjoy the view of the sea
  11. UPDATES! 1- Radar update 2- CT Spawn changes 3- Jacuzzi Drop area 4- Cool view (with High graphics)
  12. Updating CT spawn and A site rn. A playable version of the map should be up this weekend for you guys to walk around.
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