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  1. Tar radar broke a little on my side, but here are some of the layout changes.
  2. 1- Terrorist A main Detailing. 2- Counter Terrorist A Main. 3- B site changes.
  3. Jokes aside, Here's a model that I and Deadknife made (Still WIP). It's the engine on B site.
  4. Hi! I'm just passing by to announce that I'm joining deadknife in this map project, I'll be doing the detailing for the most part, here's what I've done so far (It's a blockout of the detailing).
  5. Wow, that was a long hiatus. Just letting you know that we're not dead and we're starting to detail the map.
  6. Sorry for the inactivity, we've been busy, but here's a workshop link for you guys to walk around our level: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1823127483
  7. So, we just got another playtest today and it went pretty well, so we'll probably start soon with the detailing, we need a few playtests more.
  8. UPDATE!! 1.- Graffiti in honor to a Smoke discovered by Sam Raimi in a playtest. 2.- Bombsite B 3.- Bombsite A 4.- New Cool View (Gondolas)
  9. Ok, this was not "soon", but we have updates! The theme of the map has changed after a lot of playtest while the layout kinda remains, so we're going to make another thread for this map and finishing this one for now. Here's the new thread: Grotta Palazzese will live on, but as a Wingman Map.
  10. Hello, this is a thread that continues the development of de_palazzese (Map that had a change in the theme, but not so much in the layout). The creators of that map are @Samwow, VFuzBall and I. Photos of the new theme: Yesterday we had a playtest of Medillin and it went pretty well, so we'll share screenshots soon. 1. Changes to Mid 2. Changes to B
  11. Update: this week we've been doing a lot of playtests and sadly we've gotten some fairly negative results (not that the map is bad, is just that is bland) so after a really long discussion with the team I'm making this map, we've come to the conclusion that we need to make some major reworks to make this map better and easier to work around. We'll be updating you soon about the changes.
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