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  1. You know when it's time to C R U N C H when your vmf speaks to you:
  2. Courtesy of SirThomas, we bring you the Scuba Diving Guards of the Ethos Facility. A custom player model for the Counter Terrorist faction.
  3. Some detailing I've been doing around A, part 2.
  4. Some detailing I've been doing near A (updated)
  5. Working on some models and doing FAST mode mapping aswell, don't mind the de_nuke looking rooms, they are changing. All of these models have accurate collision meshes btw.
  6. Submerged is not OVER, we're probably not going to make it to the end of the contest in time, but we'll do our best. Some progress we've done. (doesn't have any textures yet, it's there to test proportions)
  7. Sorry for the Low res image, but here you have some detailing:
  8. Texturing and modelling. Modelling especially, because we have 3 people including me working on this map at the moment, but none of us model that well.
  9. Had a few playtests, the map is just OK, and we could technically go with that for detailing, but we're gonna try to make it as good as possible when it comes to layout. Again, if someone is willing to help us with the detailing, it would be appreciated.
  10. Ok Boomer. Now back to topic, the bombsite on the bridge thing feels a bit empty judging by the screenshots, maybe add some cover in there.
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