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  1. Thank you Tynnyri! I will take all of those things into consideration. A few things though - I am not using a lot of un-hr textures. In fact, I think there might be only a few, and I'll get rid of them soon. And for the cobble grass blend, no, I am not using that texture xd. I am using a hr_massive texture there. I'll try to fix the lighting on the foliage.
  2. The map is still way too big and corridory. Your layout has issues, changing the gamemode won't solve your issues...
  3. Can't wait to just run around the finished version and be in awe of all the amazing work that has been put into this map
  4. Judging from the last 2 screens, the visibility might be a bit wack. Are you still working on it or will you keep it that way? Other than that, it has quality
  5. What is the map's setting? I don't really get the 'exotic' vibe off of it. It doesn't mean that it's bad though - it looks pretty decent!
  6. I was just trying to help but here's my map anyway
  7. More progress, I guess. I've detailed around 65-70% of the map with a month left! I'm trying to finish this project on time, or at least get it to a playable state
  8. It doesn't have any shadows at all and it looks very repetitive and goldsourcy. Get yourself a reference
  9. I made an image slider to showcase the detail work on Middle! Check it out https://imgsli.com/OTQ5MQ
  10. Detail progress. Only a few months until the deadline hits!!!
  11. Top site T entrance looks a bit rough.
  12. I love the current work, keep it up! Really looking forward to seeing this map complete
  13. Oh yeah, should've told this a bit earlier. I've started detailing the map a few weeks ago. I'll soon post some screenshots of some areas that I've done.
  14. Yep. I think this thread is not the best place to talk about such things. This contest will teach newer and more experienced mappers a lot of things, so if you can, just continue and you will gain experience Good luck
  15. Some of the interiors (for ex.) the cave is too dark. Also, you should rework the rock walls to be more natural. You could use models or displacements to make it look more realistic. Otherwise good job
  16. UPDATE TIME! Changes covered mostly in the workshop submission.
  17. It might feel simpler in-game, but that's a lot of spaghetti.
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