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  1. It might feel simpler in-game, but that's a lot of spaghetti.
  2. Your map has gone so much towards better! Good work
  3. I am very hyped for this, keep it up!!
  4. Had a second playtest just now. Found more problems but we are definitely going towards the better! Changes are most likely going to be made this/next week.
  5. Looks very fresh. Love it so far!
  6. I guess I'll enter this contest to gain some experience. First version of the LAYOUT is somewhat ready. No cover added yet, just the pathing! Update: The graybox is done and will be uploaded to workshop soon. Workshop link here. Update: Updated the radar to make it clearer. Update: Lots of changes to the map after the first casual playtest regarding map balance, cover and rotations (other minor stuff too)! IMGUR album showcasing the current version of the map: https://imgur.com/a/eHbTOJq
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