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  1. Top site T entrance looks a bit rough.
  2. I love the current work, keep it up! Really looking forward to seeing this map complete
  3. Some stuff I've done so far. Still WIP, but hey, it's something. Can you guess what areas these are?
  4. Oh yeah, should've told this a bit earlier. I've started detailing the map a few weeks ago. I'll soon post some screenshots of some areas that I've done.
  5. Yep. I think this thread is not the best place to talk about such things. This contest will teach newer and more experienced mappers a lot of things, so if you can, just continue and you will gain experience Good luck
  6. Some of the interiors (for ex.) the cave is too dark. Also, you should rework the rock walls to be more natural. You could use models or displacements to make it look more realistic. Otherwise good job
  7. UPDATE TIME! Changes covered mostly in the workshop submission.
  8. It might feel simpler in-game, but that's a lot of spaghetti.
  9. Your map has gone so much towards better! Good work
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