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  1. It is a custom texture. Some textures like this are transparent and tileable so you can make them move to a direction. Its a bit difficult to explain but its actually simple. I recommend checking out TopHATTWaffle's WaterSource material pack. The waterfalls are usually black and white in brush selection. Also on THW's pack the moving is already built in vmt so you dont have to do anything besides downloading and putting it in.
  2. Yeah, I have the topdown layout, and also the map is on the workshop so you can check it out if you want, link is https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1790215180. It will also be playtested for the first time on Source Engine Discord playtesting servers at thursday, next week. Feel free to join *if* you want to. I will definitely take height variation in consideration. The timings on A site are a little bit tough but it works ok from my perspective. One thing worth saying: A site is a bit overscaled and open, it will probably be a bit resized. Here's the radar overview:
  3. Alright, I have the first graybox version of this up and ready for playtesting! I have some in-game screenshots of the map. The Bombsite A is set in and around a pool. It's inspiration is the "Frangipani Beach Resort" in Anguilla. It isn't really looking like its reference yet, but the theme and the bombsite is here! The Bombsite B is set in and on top of a tunnel. It is in plan of renovation and Terrorists want to destroy its support beam to turn it into ruins. Here are the pictures of the rest of the map:
  4. Map Anguilla is set on a British overseas territory in the Lesser Antilles. Terrorists want to ruin one of the most wonderful tourist islands in Caribbean. The map's layout is so far almost done, and will soon be taken into playtesting stage. Once the layout is finished, I will probably update the pictures
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