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  1. Hello guys and gals, it's been a long while since I brought something new around here! I'm more of a lurker that likes to come in from time to time and share the unexpected :) (spoiler: not maps)

    This is a project that I've made after a long burnout period (a deserved forced break might I say). Sig Sauer P365 XL is a pistol with a design that I love so modeling it was nothing but a pleasure and a fun learning experience.






    While definitely not your average CSGO viewmodel in terms of polycount, I really wanted to push my limits and model a weapon that is industry standard for VR. Sitting at just over 17k tris, I can't wait to compare it to the new Half-Life: Alyx guns and see if I could've went higher or lower :)


    I hope you like this alien post that has nothing to do with mapping!

    You can find the project on my artstation profile where I show a lot more angles and renders https://www.artstation.com/artwork/v1vBZA

    Hope to see you again with new projects to share!


  2. Hi everyone!

    After a rather long break I got back into it and remade a MAC-10 created last year. I noticed improvements in the way I work and I managed to squeeze in extra detail at little to no increase in polycount. The biggest poly eater is the spring in the back (1.5k tris) for which I made sure it does not affect the texture in the surrounding area so it can be removed without leaving any marks behind. The model has 13.1k tris (mac+silencer+ 4 rounds in the mag) or 11.6k if the spring is not being used.




    I was surprised to see the texture holding up so well in CSGO. Until now I never tried using a 4k in-game texture on the guns but being pressed by time I just went for it just so I don't delay the publishing by one more day.


    Big thanks to the creator of de_ruby! https://www.mapcore.org/profile/17049-catfood/  It's an awesome looking map with great textures and art scattered all throughout the level. A really cool map for screenshots because of the unique design and the great textures.



  3. I updated the scene by adjusting the camera angle and position of the props. Another rather big change is the addition of color to the scene. Gone is the black on black theme that had no point of interest. Now there is more contrast and the pistols stand out form the background. Lighting also got a big improvement, shadows now better representing the position of the props.



  4. With the pistol done and out of the way, I made a case for it and shortly after that, a 50 round ammo box that fits in just nicely next to the pistol and the mag.





    In order to keep the level of detail up there, I made custom alpha masks and textures for both the case and the ammo box.



    If I learned anything from participating in this contest is the fact that scenes are extremely hard to light properly. I have a lot of respect for those that specialize in Level Design, it must be really hard to light a scene and make it feel alive.

    I hope you enjoyed reading through and I'm looking forward to hear what you guys think I could improve in my workflow and especially how I could improve the final scene.

    All the best,



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