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  1. LeCaribou

    [CS:GO] de_Shrine

    I don't play your map ( i haven't got the time ) But the theme ans the screenshot are pretty good ! The bomb site is maybe too exposed , you can put crates for exemples or some props The sliding doors is a good idea ! It's a little weird to jump to join the path in the Ct Spawn but ok
  2. It's just my opinion but maybe a second way to the Connector Mid B with a pagode or a house in the forest of bamboo ☺ And for Dojo maybe a another room with windows or covers and in the bomb site some covers !
  3. [Second Version : V 0.2] New contents in this map with lot's of fix ! -Fix the BombSite for the T The Bomb site has been remake with more covers around and in the bombsite The Terrorist can now plant the Bomb without getting shot by anywhere and the Ct can defuse the bomb -Upgrade the BombSite The CT gate has been move and the bomb site begin to have some textures -Nerf the Ct Balcony Before , The Ct Balcony was a Strategic point too op so now the way to be there is longer than before and the rail is tinier than before -Nerf The T long Entry The T long entry is now shorter than before . You can throw a smoke to block him -Upgrade the Ct Spawn The Ct spawn is more filled than before -Upgrade the Appartements The Appartements has been textured , it has been changed a little -Put Textures and Props Some textures and props has been added -Fix Bugs Some bugs has been Fix Screenshot : The Progression of the Project I am really determinated to finish this map , Usually , I never finish project like this Sometimes , I lost a little hope but when i see lot's of maps in this website and lot's of people who feedback about my map , it give me back the hope and the courage to continue this map ! Worshop Link : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1730844309 i hope you enjoy this update !
  4. Maybe the first ceilling is too low ( you can't make a jump without to hit the ceilling and make a second entrance around the dojo to rejoin the road like this with some crates or walls :
  5. I had not thought of the smoke , i find it is more fun to play in a large area than a thin long , and for the Ct , T have got many enterances to go in the site ( 2 primary enterances and 3 secondary enterances ) and if the CT have only one primary enterance , it will not be balanced
  6. Strangly , I prefer the B site than the A site , the Connector mid to B is really nice and the way to go to B is cool In A , the corridor to go and the mid is to short but it is my opinion
  7. I think for the long is better to make it large but it's my opinion , i will see that in the future and with real test The CT balcony is maybe too OP but I prefer to have 2 enterances for the Ct , I just elongate the way to go
  8. Wow , i love your map , especially the bomb site B , But I find the middle too small and the ways to A a little boring The Dojo is really cool . I really like the hole for the grenades I wait impatiently the final release !
  9. Ok , i will fix it , thank for your feedback !
  10. It has been done to always give a different approach of the site for the T and the CT For the CT you can see where the T go : Moreover The CT Have lot's of Strategic Point ( With their Weakness ) whereas the T don"t have lot's of covers ( like crates or balcony railing )
  11. [First Version V 0.1] Hello Everyone ! This Year , I work on my first map ! This is a bomb and defuse map in Wingman with one Bomb Site The Map is inspired by Italy ( and the map : Inferno , Italy ) I create This Topic for some Feedback and some Tricks You can play this map by this Steam link : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1730844309 And Here some Pictures of the Map : Thank you for giving your valuable time !
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