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  1. I wholly understand every point raised, but it's still impossible to fathom they got a permit for this in 1998
  2. Damn, yea, squid game's pretty good God have mercy on anyone who watched it dubbed though because whoa to the great surprise of not me it's fucking awful All in all, it's great! Totally do recommend.
  3. why the FUCK does blender only have a scale slider for reference images, and not a dimension slider I swear every time I open this program I am an inch closer to killing myself [edit] merry 4th annual me-trying-to-learn-blender-fest btw henlo it is i the spooky whale I found it really hard originally trying to stick to quads & not just fill gaps with triangles, but I think I'm starting to kind of get a feel for keeping a clean mesh now
  4. More closely relevant to the original 2 games ( though strictly speaking relevant to none ) but I didn't want to bump a thread from 2010 The audio diaries are my favourite part of the bioshock series, and this reminded me of it quite strongly
  5. not gonna lie it kind of just sounds like takeshi's castle with guns, but then again I suppose that does sound pretty good
  6. I mean, I think the answer is right there in your question already. Dota may be a protected brand, but MOBAs are a dime a dozen. Or no dime a dozen, really, 'cause most of them are free to play hehe Try reading up on Dota Autochess / Underlords, I think that's pretty much the exact story you're describing
  7. Please elaborate because I honestly do not have a clue how to get started with advanced lighting There's already boosted $reflectivity on the tiled floors, it helps a bit but it doesn't provide the scattered diffuse light I'd need to mimic the real thing I'm hesitant to raise the shadow colour because I feel it'd lose too much depth, and quite honestly I find the map a bit washed out as it is [edit] ok wait I think I'm starting to figure it out turns out the trick was to turn on HDR and spam spotlights
  8. @SirSnail Looks great, though I'd suggest moving the buoys a bit farther from shore - they kind of mess with the perceived scale, sort of makes it looks like a snowglobe if you know what I mean Well - unless that's what you were going for of course, in which case chef's kiss
  9. Well, what have you done to replace mapmaking? Sounds like you dropped your only creative outlet and are now feeling restless because of it. I know you don't want to hear this but if you're only 17, don't dwell too much on the existential dread, it's just teen angst more likely than not. It's normal and it will pass. Can't say much more than that without knowing more of your situation, but those are the odds. Last thing you ought to be doing is self-diagnosing yourself as a schizophrenic because someone on the internet told you to. @0kelvin I'm sure you've been told before, but light very much does affect your ability to fall asleep, so try to ditch the screens well before you want to go to bed. If your thoughts are keeping you up . . well, I find that audiobooks can help. If your issues persist, talk to your GP about it. Melatonin can help pull your circadian rhythm back in place, but I wouldn't recommend self-medicating as a first choice.
  10. I realized - or rather, it was pointed out to me - that I haven't uploaded any new files since like . . oh wow quite a fucking while But I have been working on it! Just never really find a good time to compile since I'm still making big changes so there's always a rough edge somewhere Anyway, this time's no different, but I was kindly asked by someone (dare I call him a fan?) to upload a more recent version of the map, so here it is I suppose. ( well, not actually here - I'm continuing my habit of adding downloads to the main post up above )
  11. Yea pretty much, looks like they upscaled the textures and called it a day Then again, it's a remaster, not a remake - so you'd be remiss to have assumed anything else Mafia: DE on the other hand is labelled as a remake ( or - well, the store page describes it as ''re-made'' ) @Buddy
  12. Obviously haven't played it yet, but in lieu of a designated thread, what are y'all thoughts on back 4 blood so far? Just checked out the store page after being reminded of it, and I have to say it looks . . . disappointing? I think l4d/l4d2's real strong suits are/were its variable pacing and everyman character set, but from what I can tell this throws both of those squarely out the window I don't mean it looks bad, just that it looks more like killing floor 3 than any kind of spiritual successor to left 4 dead
  13. Big agree with @FMPONE, it looks very nice but the lack of texture blending on the cobbled roads and some walls/buildings really stands out
  14. Sorry if not the best thread for this but I kind of wanted to call attention to the recent death of Sean Lock I've been hooked on British TV for a good while now - QI, 8oo10c/dc, BFQ, TM, WILTY, etc. Sean was an integral part of that and I will miss him greatly
  15. gotta b honest I've never played earthbound (yet) but I fucking love this one the kind of cheerful melancholy you get with these organ(?) like 8 bit themes is just nice sometimes
  16. Finally got around to detailing the front entrance, textures still need some work but I'm real happy w how it's turning out
  17. ThunderKeil

    Corona Virus

    I don't recall them speaking of any real in-depth specifics, but I assumed it'd be something roughly along the lines of those """"""fact-checking"""""" annotations twitter started doing. Or, as you stated, blacklisting (removing?) content outright As for text messages . . Well, if by that you mean literally specifically SMS messages then I doubt they'll be finding very much from the past half-decade, but that aside; The way communications have evolved, the line between a private and a semi-public conversation has blurred a lot - obviously a phonecall is private, but what about Facebook groups? Discord servers? Whatsapp groupchats? Lots of technologies are being used both as private gatherings and public dissemination of information, which makes trying to regulate the latter a lot more complex. That nonetheless leaves the question of whether it should be regulated at all, of course. From my perspective, it's a crude and shortsighted idea that won't solve anything. I mean, either it works & the US literally (figuratively) becomes China, or it doesn't, and - well - the issue continues just as it were. The only solution I see is to provide certifications to actual journalistic sources, and try to rebuild people's trust in the airquotes mainstream
  18. ThunderKeil

    Corona Virus

    Didn't he already announce his plans for a ''truth council'' during the election, anyway? No point pretending to be surprised now
  19. ThunderKeil

    Corona Virus

    People 100% do get bumped from organ transplant lists if they show no intent to stop the behaviour that caused them to need it, though I'm not saying that's a good analogue for the current vaccine discussion, but I will say that was an exceptionally poor choice of comparison
  20. As opposed to a country where you just need to "unironically do blackface"?
  21. I agree - although I'd have to watch the full event to know the tone of the rest of the QAs to state that with full conviction - but nonetheless. My point is just; she gave them sass, they gave it back. Was she actually interested in having this question answered, or just trying to make a point? I know it's an incredibly banal expression, but 'play stupid games, win stupid prizes'. She chose the tone of that interaction, she's not the victim of it. Was it unprofessional? Yea, I think so. Was it inappropriate? . . Again, depends on the broader context of the event, which I don't know well enough.
  22. Was the response inappropriate? Maybe, but her question was snarky and she completely set herself up for that kind of reaction. "As a female player of WoW, I would prefer if there were less sexualized female character designs available for us, as opposed to the eye candy designed to cater to the male players." - would have generated a very different response. Or, at least, if a similar response had been given then, it would have been entirely on them for souring the interaction, which I don't find to be the case as it stands.
  23. Also the original literally won't run on win10 Well - it doesn't run on my system anyway, and I've assumed that's the reason
  24. I'd say it's an interesting way of approaching gameplay balancing in story-focussed games, actually Replaying the same section over and over again isn't necessarily an issue in a purely gameplay-focussed title, but once you introduce item collecting, narrative, and exposition - going through everything 5 times over can get pretty grating. Why should a game be interrupted by death-states when an ally can bail the player out and continue the story more seamlessly? It's hard to tell a grand tale when the main character is regularly overcome by uncharacteristic incompetence. It's a difficult balance to strike, but I've always thought replaying a whole level over one mistake is rather . . . inelegant. Bioshock 1 already addressed this by incorporating death as a canonical part of the gameplay loop, with the vita chambers, and I'd say Elizabeth is just an extension of that. Give the player a second chance before it's too late, not after. Nearly all games will space resources throughout the world rather than kitting you up at the start and saying ''you better keep an eye on that bullet count or you'll get through most of the game with absolutely no issue and then get softlocked in the last level because you have no ammo and no means to acquire it''. Elizabeth is . . an evolution of that, so that even if you waste your ammo too quickly, she'll keep you from bottoming out completely so the show can go on. In some sense, I'd say you can compare her to Left 4 Dead's unlimited-ammo-pistols - hell I'm pretty sure Doom 2016 gives the player one, too. It's just a means of keeping the player at a raised minimum level of ability, in one way or another. Does the game really become entirely too easy because of that, even on the highest difficulty? Maybe, I don't recall. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Big agree on the item pickup though - haven't played borderlands 3 yet ( plz no spoilers ) so maybe they've since addressed it, but that was one of my biggest annoyances in BL2 as well [edit] Actually, just remembered nudoom's """"glory"""" kill thing - now there's a good comparison when I need one. I'd say it's actually a much worse system than Elizabeth because; it actively interrupts the gameplay continually by needlessly stunning enemies that should have just died Elizabeth's throwing animation is pretty brief whereas this literally pauses the game for like 4 seconds every time it tries to play itself off as some kind of cool move when actually just like Elizabeth it's a crutch and/or bailout for poor resource management
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