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  1. I'm in a similar position - I really want to get in on it, but I'm pretty sensitive to motion sickness & I don't know anyone with a headset to try it out You'll probably get the option to receive it as a gift code though, so if any of your friends does end up buying a not-index it doesn't have to go to waste
  2. What was the playtesters' response to all the silos? Cs players really love to hold/peek their corners so I imagine all the round curves might become fatiguing Just based on your video I thought the layout was very difficult to read, so I downloaded the map to check it out myself. Couldn't really play it due to missing props but I guess between the video and the radar I can piece it together IMO, the large cluster of silos makes for an awkward shape to place centrally in the map, and may be disorienting to first-time players Got a bit carried away with this but my point is I think using simple bold shapes would work better as a central point;
  3. to be fair though that's not a very commonly used word
  4. Watched the rest of Stranger Things Season 2 felt like a seamless extension of the first, and I'd say I enjoyed it just as much. The third felt . . unnecessary? It doesn't really expand on the world & instead moves for a very typical ''our heroes go on another adventure'' type of sequel. I think it's a shame because I did feel like season 2 still left some opportunities to further clarify or expand on elements of the story, which as I said were left entirely untouched by the third season. Lots more action, not as much tension. For all intents and purposes a change of genre.
  5. @zastels I might be wrong but I think you may have misinterpreted what melc meant by 'needing' models. I don't think he meant he's concerned his brushwork is of insufficient quality, just trying to prevent the waterindice limit from having an aneurism Detail brushes are great for unique instances, they're not great for a (complex) object you intend to duplicate more than 17 times [edit] I can only assume you do not know what props are. I will not be continuing this conversation in this thread as it it disrespectful to the creator. If you wish to discuss it further, please make a thread of your own.
  6. Not particularly, I'm probably keeping it a deathmatch/variety map as long as I'm working on the project alone. I have thoughts of what else to make of it, but unless I can really nail it down ( which I can't ) I think there's little to be gained branching the project off like that Nope, just working off pictures. I'd love to go someday but the past year(s) have been . . suboptimal for international travel.
  7. Collected all my reference screenshots together for a timelapse
  8. Thanks Yea, I guess everyone here can relate because source is source but I'm having a pretty tough time trying to tune the lighting with no visual indication between compiling (._. ) I'm assuming you're mainly referring to the 7th picture? I think I forgot to re-solidify those roofs, shame I didn't catch that before but it should be an easy fix. The whole parallel halls set ( right hand background of 7th picture ) is still pretty rough in general though, it's a hard section to get good photographs from so it hasn't progressed much since the first uploaded version of the map [edit] yea those are from canals, just wanted to make the space a bit less empty - they'll probably be replaced eventually
  9. It's new! It's bright! I'm not sure my cubemaps are working! download link! [edit] also actually I'm not sure I mentioned this before but, like, all previous versions of this map are kind-of sort-of liable to crash frequently and without exception - but this one's not! I think! I guess my desktop's haunted or something? The maps it compiles always run fine on itself, but seem to break apart on any other device . . whoops? At any rate, this one was compiled on a different computer, and I haven't seen any issues with it as of yet.
  10. Watched Fantastic Beasts, it's ok
  11. I'm not expecting them to scientifically explain why or how ghosts are making people kill themselves - obviously - but I do expect, like I said, to see the characters at least show a minimal reasonable amount of curiosity & basic reasoning regarding the situation they're in. In Bird Box's case it just felt like random attributes were being thrown into the mix and noone's even attempting to connect the dots - despite being given a wealth of time to do so. Thanks, doggo, you somehow made me more pissed about it than I was while watching it I'm fairly certain I've seen 10 Cloverfield Lane, not sure about A Quiet Place - I've got a list somewhere Interesting, that's entirely opposite of my experience. "Older" content's always been just as appealing to me as new stuff, and the internet certainly made it [cough] available, too. I think a lot of younger people nowadays have a lot more exposure to media from before their time, and streaming services have made that easier than ever. ( well - I mean, to a degree - I have to say looking at the current netflix roster I'm seeing a lot of gaps; 3rd rock, 30 rock, house, always sunny, t70s, etc. I'm sure they're on a service somewhere, but netflix is hardly the library of video media anymore, if it ever was. ) On the topic of Netflix - Just finished the first season of Stranger Things - Wow! As a huge fan of Stephen King and X-Files, I can hardly say more than ''fantastic''.
  12. I think that's really common ( you know, sans the tripping ) - sadly - but yea same for me, anyway. The worst part is absolutely when you've already decided that you want to cut it out, but your subconscious just doesn't let it go. Any time I'd slightly lose focus the muscle memory just slams down and a new tab is already open. Been ""clean"" for like 5 years now though, I think. I'm sad to say YouTube has largely filled that hole for me, however, but I like to think as long as I keep it to audio-only content I'm no worse off than anyone from the past 70 years who had a radio on while working Not gonna lie that's kind of an anti-flex
  13. Just watched bird box, it's pretty good
  14. Yea, he's a very interesting personality - but he's kind of stuck in a loop of dumb ideas
  15. I mean if you're gonna ditch the circle thing, maybe put a B on the top face? As for the colours . . I'd suggest just sticking to those of the actual flag. Kinda seems like you lost track of what you were working on, I'd have no idea what the second image meant without explanation For the perspective, well - isometric would seem the obvious choice if you do end up adding anything to the top face again, but I suppose a dimetric view makes sense if you're only using the bottom 2
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